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Friday, December 10, 2004

Parents of the Year?

Even though the dishes, garbage and dirty laundry were piling up, homeowners Cat and Harlan Barnard were getting no help from their two children.

After begging and pleading with their 17-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter to help out around the house, the Barnards decided they were fed up. So they went on strike — and moved out to the front yard.


FATHER of the Year material?

A man carrying a five-week-old baby was arrested during an undercover drug bust. Police say 38-year-old Glenn Lagrew was using the baby to help him sell drugs.

Authorities say that Lagrew agreed to sell an undercover agent a packet of meth on Friday afternoon.

Lagrew then allegedly placed the packet of meth on the baby boy and asked the officer to lay his money on the child.


Black X Marks the Spot

Nice bikini top!


Mel Gibson buys personal Pacific island

Australian actor Mel Gibson, flush from the huge success of his religious film The Passion of Christ, has splashed out $US15 million on a private Pacific island, a report said.

Gibson flew to Fiji earlier this month where he bought the 2,160 hectare island of Mago from a Japanese hotel chain, People magazine reported.

"He wants to keep it as an exclusive getaway for his friends and family," the magazine quoted a local source as saying.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

Stupidest Messageboard post of the day

These people should be tortured in front of their children then murdered to make sure their seed doesn't pollute the rest of the planet.

1) People who don't use a turn blinker (shut up!)
2) People who don't rerack their weights at the gym
3) Motherfuckers who stop at the first pump at the filling station instead of pulling up to the second EMPTY one.

There is nothing you can say that can defend any of the top 3 actions. You should be killed.

My thoughts: Slow down, turbo. Perhaps it's time to look into getting some of that ZOLOFT.


One HELL of a SECRETARY (video)

This secretary sure knows how to make copies -- I wonder what her FAXES look like


Another Chilly Day in HOLLAND

It was yesterday, Wednesday December 8th in a town called Amersfoort in the Netherlands and the temperature was only 6 degrees celcius.


Making the Best out of a Sad Situation


He is DOWN with the BROWN

The white guy on the right should be in a rap video. He's "Keeping It Real!"


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

This should cause some ACCIDENTS


How to get the HOT girl that is OUT of your league

Yes, it is the common misconception. You see a beautiful girl walk into the bar with her friends. She looks cold, she is laughing with her friends, it's probably about you, she probably thinks she is too good for everyone and those surely aren't real. All of these assumptions could be true, but, on the other hand, they might not be.

This is a guide to getting that girl that is probably out of your league. This may sound harsh, but on the other hand, it's all in the approach.

A BETTER WAY: find sexy singles that just want to fuck with no strings attached. There are many sites for this, a free one is available HERE


Fat Americans?

Dozens of seats on the world's most luxurious cruise liner have collapsed under the weight of obese American passengers.

The chairs -- on the Queen Mary 2 -- are being replaced or repaired. The seating is mainly in the bar and restaurant areas.

Alstom Chantiers, the French company that provided the liner with all its fixtures and fittings, claimed many of the chairs had buckled under the weight of larger passengers.

My thoughts: That's a LOT of Wendy's burgers!


Great way to get roadside assistance

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One HELL of a headache

IT was one of those hammering headaches that just wouldn't go away. In fact, the pain went on for four years.

Finally, the unnamed victim could take it no longer - and went for a check-up. And he was amazed when doctors told him the cause of his agony. X-rays revealed he had a two-inch nail embedded in his skull.


Talk about a CHEAP Airline

I'm all for a good bargain... but this is ridiculous.


Laptops can FRY your SPERM ???

The image “http://www.scriptfx.com/gallery/computer/laptop.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Scientists have linked portable computers and male infertility

BUSINESSMEN and teenage boys could be risking their fertility by using laptop computers, research suggests.

The combination of heat generated by the computers and the posture needed to balance the equipment on the lap leads to raised temperatures around the scrotum, a study has found. Past research shows that higher scrotal temperatures can damage sperm and affect fertility. And the introduction of new technology such as Bluetooth and infrared connections — which provide wireless links to the internet — has resulted in a growing number of men using the machines on their thighs rather than at a desk.

My thoughts: Girls make better laptops than computers :)


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