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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Books you can EAT



Organic Keyboard (PIC)

Talk about lazy....

Prolonged_Inactivity.jpg image


Tampon Dolls? WTF?



Too Harsh?

The board of a St. Louis charter school on Wednesday placed a principal on leave after he had police handcuff a 5-year-old and drive him around the block in a squad car to curb his unruly behavior.

Principal Sam Morgan is on leave from Thurgood Marshall Academy pending an investigation into last month's incident, board attorney Wayne Harvey said.

Morgan declined to comment Wednesday, but last week said he had spent more time on the boy "than any kid in this building, trying to steer him straight."


Doggone Case

The state Supreme Court will hear the appeal of a woman who thinks 90 days in jail is too harsh a penalty for having sex with a dog. Ramon Anglemeyer was charged after her arrest in January of 2003 when Lincoln police seized videotapes at the home of John Ways Jr.

The tapes showed Anglemeyer having sex with a canine. The high court will hear oral arguments in the case on January 5th.

Ways owned a strip club until he was sentenced to six years in a federal pen for possessing an explosive device.


Viagra Saves Christmas!

Oh, man. I am just not in the mood to do this whole Santa schtick this year. I've been busting my ass 24-7, riding those frickin' elves to crank out the toys and it's still never enough. Everybody wants a piece of me. Everyone just takes, takes, takes, but what about my needs? Do you have any idea how long since I've gotten some tail? Oh, nevermind, I can't even get it up anyway, I'm so exhausted all the time. Mrs. Claus has lost all patience and I've been sleeping on the couch since June.


Field Trip???? (PIC)


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cuban Cruise Liner

Not exactly Carnival Cruise lines... but when it comes to exiting from Cuba, this is good enough.


Britney Spears

Someone asked Britney which one was Britney and which one was the bag of McDonalds. After four minutes passed, she did end up choosing correctly.


Anna Kournikova at the Beach

I immediately knew that they were not real and I can proove that too, sorry but look at these pictures and you can see it too. But sooner or later there will be a photographer who will catch Anna in the nude, I just know that.


A good reason why to give PEACE a chance (VIDEO)

Video Is Here


Advice Column Entry of the day

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I report. You decide.

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A FLORAL foul-up has left a city street lined with swastika shapes in a week of major Jewish celebrations.

Gardeners hired by Melbourne City Council intended to arrange the purple and white pot plants into neat geometric shapes.

But they left six 3m garden beds along Swanston St displaying large Nazi symbols.



Paris is Beautiful

If you love Paris (the city, not the skank ho!) as much as I do you will love this too:
Paris in the 19th century


Islamic Pinup Model (PIC)


My kinda Mall -- NUDE SHOPPING

Naked shoppers hunt for bargains

Shoppers searched for bargains in the buff on Monday night, at the UK's first ever naturist shopping event.

About 15 naturists bared their all at the Plaza shopping centre in Oxford Street, London, while staff remained fully clothed.

Oona Graham-Taylor, spokeswoman for the Plaza centre, blamed the disappointing turnout of naturists on the Euro 2004 football championships.


Teacher of the Year?

Cane or breast for naughty pupils

A schoolteacher has been suspended in Zimbabwe for allegedly giving pupils the choice of being caned or suckling her breasts. The woman faces a disciplinary hearing after one of the pupils reported the 'punishment' to his parents, reports the Herald.

The boy claimed he was asked to choose between suckling the teacher's breasts or receiving 100 strokes of the cane for being noisy. The boy chose to suckle the teacher's breasts, as did 14 others, according to the newspaper.

Thanks NSFW News.


Soccer Hairdos cause alarm in Nigeria (NEWS)

Attempts are gathering pace to stop young Nigerian footballers from wearing hair braids, dreadlocks and earrings.

Many of Nigeria's top footballers, including their captain Jay-Jay Okocha and top striker Nwankwo Kanu, have their hair braided, but some football officials seem to have had enough.

One senior football official has ordered the removal of any unacceptable players at an upcoming junior tournament.


Can You SPEAK UP?!???

How do you remove a stray cockroach jammed in the ear? Get the roach drunk.
A doctor in the southeastern Chinese port city of Xiamen plucked a 1.5 centimeter - (0.5 inch-) roach from a 12-year-old boy's ear with tweezers four minutes after dousing it with alcohol, the official China Daily newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The doctor at the city's Zhongshan Hospital, who wasn't further identified, sees up to two patients each month with similar insect problems, the paper said. The report didn't say how the roach got into the ear of the boy, whose name wasn't given.


Breaking News: Kobe Bryant's Wife Files For Divorce (PIC)


It's called GIRL ON GIRL ACTION , you jackass! (PIC)


What was he THINKING??? (Video)


Concrete is like... HARD, you know?


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Geek Fashion accessories

So you're a geek, but you want to look tough as hell? Get yourself a computer key ring from Marche Noir.


Outsourcing HOOTERS?

With all those reports of call centers heading off to India, one U.S. brand intends to tap into the subcontinent's growing prosperity. Hooters is exporting its controversial brand of home-grown sex appeal.

The Atlanta-based restaurant chain, known more for its scantily-clad female servers than its rib-sticking menu, this week announced it signed a deal to open several Indian franchise locations, though it has not said where.

Is it time to welcome the Babes of Bangalore?


This guy is HILARIOUS

Da Ali G Show recently wrapped up its second season on HBO, and, once again, a long list of prominent Americans have been embarrassed. Somehow, Sacha Baron Cohen, in the guise of a British would-be gangsta with a penchant for malapropisms and misunderstandings, managed to secure another passel of interviews with people like former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman and archconservative Patrick Buchanan (who said that Saddam Hussein "was using BLTs on the Kurds"). In one episode, Richard Kerr, a former deputy director of the CIA, found himself debating whether terrorists could drive a train into the White House.

How can so many supposedly media-savvy operators—even members of the intelligence community—still be so easily fooled?


Prison Beauties

Here's a nice pair of lags — at a beauty contest held inside a prison. These stunners took part in a pageant to find the most glamorous inmate.

Female convicts crowded round the catwalk at Butanta Jail in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to see a leggy blonde steal the show in a black swimsuit.

Another raven-haired beauty showed off her legs and wore a pair of killer heels.


Lucky Pizza Guy


Not exactly a PIMP ride


It's Christmas Again (PIC)


And they say the Justice System is not racist...


The Louisiana Supreme Court has given a judge a six-month suspension for wearing blackface makeup, handcuffs and a jail jumpsuit to a Halloween party.

For those of you who don't know what blackface is, here's a pic:


Monday, December 13, 2004

Dumbass Criminal of the Week

Police were able to track down a suspected bank robber in part because they say his name was found on the back of a stick-up note.

Bay County sheriff's detectives say Michael A. Pascuzzo used a court paper with his name on it to write a note ordering a clerk at Copoco Credit Union to place money in a bag.

He is accused of then taking the note with him as he fled with thousands of stolen dollars, but apparently dropping the note and some of the money in a residential neighborhood.


Stupidity or BALLS!!!??? (Video)

You got to have some serious balls when you decide to climb this ramp and step on your tiny skateboard for your world record jump.


Plastic Surgery Queens

China will soon host the finals of the country's first beauty contest in which every contestant has gone under the knife.

Twenty "man-made" beauties will parade their surgical nips and tucks next Saturday in the hope of taking home the country's first Miss Artificial Beauty crown.

The contest is the latest addition to China's beauty pageant scene after Miss World was held in the southern island of Hainan for two years in a row.

My thoughts: I guess Beverly Hills CA should start sending their entries!


Feminazi Pic of the Day (PIC)


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Naughty Irish Soccer Fans


Daily CAPTION THIS picture


Rockstar turned pornstar

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee first realised he had a huge penis when he started having sex with porn stars.

The rocker, ex-husband of Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, won admiration from a high number of lustful fans after gaining a reputation for having a large manhood.

But he didn't believe the hype until he heard it from adult film stars


Sex or Money: You make the choice!

Given the choice between hot sex and cold, hard cash, Germans say they'll take the dough. A new survey reveals Germans would prefer less erotic satisfaction in 2005 and more of the pecuniary sort.

Setting those priorities straight

The question the Emnid survey group asked for Playboy magazine was simple: Would you rather have more money, more free time or more sex in 2005?

The answer was loud and clear: Show me the money!


To Rocky Horror Picture Show Fans: Dr. F takes a bike ride