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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Girl on Girl Sex Starts Fight

A wife who had sex with another woman, but refused to let her husband join them, was arrested after assaulting and kicking him out of the house Saturday, Murfreesboro Police reported.

Jessica Lynn Membrila, 22, of 326 Lilly Lane was charged with domestic assault in a fight with her husband, Celso Membrila, 28, of Lilly Lane, Officer Bryant Mitchell reported.

The husband told Mitchell he and his wife invited a woman, identified only as Sarah, to their home for drinks.

"Mr. Membrila stated that as they were drinking, Mrs. Membrila and Sarah began having intimate relations," Mitchell reported. "Mr. Membrila watched his wife and Sarah have sexual intercourse for awhile and then he tried to join the two."

So much for his fantasy