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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pamela Anderson tackled!

Sacha Baron Cohen was dunked in the sea by Pamela Anderson's bodyguards - after rugby-tackling the actress at her dogs' wedding.

The Ali G star was dressed as his other creation, cringe-inducing Kazakhstani TV journalist Borat, when he pulled the stunt. Cohen, 33, in trunks, leather jacket and Village People-style cap, emerged from the surf on an inflatable turtle.

His rugby tackle sent Pammie, 38, hurtling to the sand on the beach at Malibu, California. Concerned security men grabbed the comedian and dragged him into the sea.

If Ali G. was there, there must have been cameras shooting the stuff. So when are the photos online?

Update 9.45 AM:
All hail the comments section! Thanks to Monkeys for Helping we now have more information on the incident and of course pictures:

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