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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Man raped by three women -- they must be ugly to use force!

The hunt is on for three women who ambushed a 30-year-old man and forced him to have sex with them at gunpoint.

Police spokeswoman Paula Nothnagel said that on Saturday night the man was walking through Roodepoort when the women pulled up next to him in their maroon BMW. They asked him for directions to the Savoy Hotel and he got into the car to show them the way.

At the hotel the women persuaded him to join them for a drink, before asking him for directions to yet another hotel.

"One woman produced a firearm and held the man at gunpoint," Nothnagel said. "The women got undressed and all three took turns to have intercourse with him."

The man was then ordered back into the car and dropped off along Main Reef Road.

I think those women must have been very, very ugly. Why else would there be the need for a gun?