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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Mardi Gras alternative

For years, one of Louisiana’s largest claims to fame has been Mardi Gras, and, more specifically, the bare chests of nubile young women that are associated with it. The institution of drunken girls baring their breasts has been one that we’ve almost begun to take for granted. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look very unlikely that Mardi Gras will take place this February, so, in order to take up the slack, we’ve decided to create this site, as a repository for women (and men, can’t leave the ladies unsatisfied!) who wish to contribute to the cause, and send in pictures of themselves topless!

Now, in order to help those directly affected by the hurricane, we’ll also be encouraging people to donate financially to suitable charities. “How do you plan on doing that?” you might ask (I’m so glad that you did). Well, here’s how it’s going to work; we’re going to keep all of the submitted photos in a gallery right here on this site. This gallery, however, WILL be password-protected. In order to get a working username and password, you’ll need to donate at least $5 to one of the charities linked in the right-hand column, then forward us your confirmation email, so that we can make you an account! It’s just that simple!

Thanks Shades747