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Monday, September 26, 2005

Rock N' Roll 101

Hi there. I really wanted to post an article that was entertaining and informative (or kinda), so I decided to do the "101 Things You Didn't Know About Rock N' Roll" (I know you probably know quite a few and that they ain't all about rock but...its a catchy title!). I tried to research as much as I could, but maybe there are some things that aren't (totally) true, so corrections would be greatly apreciated. Also bear in mind that I'm from Argentina (if you are bored, look in a map...I live in the most southern part of the continet...pretty much the World's Ass), and I'm 16 so they might be a few mistakes or weird expressions. I know it's long, but I prefered to do it all in one go. If you think it's too long and you'll get bored, don't read it or post things like "kinda long article...", please.