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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tyra: the truth about my breasts

Tyra's breasts are the real deal. Supermodel and model mentor Tyra Banks decided to use her own talk show to put to rest the rumor that her breasts are artificially enhanced.

"I'm really tired of this rumor," says Banks in the episode of her syndicated show airing Tuesday. "It's something that's followed me forever, and today I'm going to finally admit once and for all the truth about my breasts."

First thing she does is jettison her push-up bra. Then, during a break, she banishes the men from the studio audience and returns in a robe so plastic surgeon Garth Fisher can perform a live sonogram on her breasts.

"I've performed approximately 8,000 breast-implant surgeries, I've examined you, I've reviewed your sonogram," the doctor says. "And Tyra Banks has natural breasts."

And here's another great piece on why The Tyra Banks Show isn't so much a talk show as it is a circus.