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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Women's most embarrassing boob!

Women have voted getting loo roll stuck to their shoe as their most embarrassing boob - ahead of that sinking 'Tara Reid' feeling when breasts pop out of a skimpy top.

But leaving their fly undone is men's biggest dread followed by accidentally breaking wind in public, a survey shows.

Women identify problems with their appearance as the most common cause of their blushes, according to the Nuts magazine poll of 3,000 adults aged 18 to 34.

Breasts escaping (64%), trapping their skirt in knickers (61%), smudging their make-up (58%), and lipstick on teeth (55%) all made their top five red-faced antics.

But perhaps surprisingly they all trailed well behind the ultimate fashion faux pas of having toilet paper stuck to their shoe (72%).

Heel stuck in a drain (47%) was sixth ahead of displaying an unknown bogie (42%), 'doing a Marilyn or Amy Nuttall' with a skirt blowing up in the wind (40%), losing your bikini in the pool (26%) and getting stuck in train doors (12%).