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Monday, October 03, 2005

Pamela's breakup make-over, cut hair and take out boobs!

Good old Pamela Anderson, she's got a new take on the makeover thing that happens when you split up with someone.

Some people lose weight, some people change their hair, some people have a wardrobe overhaul... but Pammy? Well, she gets her fake boobs removed.

Explaining why she got her breast implants taken out a few years back, the former Baywatch babe said:

"I got divorced so I did what every girl does: I cut my hair and took out my boobs.

"Well, maybe not everyone does the boobs part, but I was just like, I'll show him!" (Him being Tommy Lee.)

However, just in case you were wondering whether her current boobs were in fact all real, rest easy... she did have them replaced again.

By the way: here are the replaced ones.