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Friday, January 07, 2005

Disrespecting a Cop (VIDEO)

Some morons never learn. Respect the cops and they'll respect you.


Fucked Up Hangover

A drunk football fan woke in a bar to find other supporters had bought around 6,000 drinks with his credit card.

The Norwegian businessman had flown from Oslo to Portugal to watch Rosenborg play in Porto. But he nodded off in a corner and other visiting fans ran up a £10,000 bill on his card reports The Sun.


Sex on a Bike

There are lots of ways to make love in a car, but what if you don't have one? What if you only have a motorbike? Do not despair, there are ways of doing it on a bike.


Motorist of the Year Award

A man in Melbourne, Fla., faces several charges Thursday after he crashed his car minutes after a judge ordered him not to drive again, according to a Local 6 News report.

Joshua Gowins (pictured, above) had his license revoked Wednesday for fleeing from police. But moments after he left the courthouse, officers pulled him over for speeding.

Police said Gowins sped away from police, lost control and hit another car. Gowins' car landed in a ditch after the crash.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Rent a Girlfriend?

I've heard of www.realdolls.com but this is ridiculous

Agencies in China's Chengdu city are offering rented girlfriends to bachelors who need someone to show off to relatives during the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, state press reported today.

"Love agencies are springing up in Chengdu offering an invaluable service for those men whose parents are nagging them to settle down," the China West Metropolitan News reported.


10 Worst Album Covers in HISTORY

A friend of mine sent me a link the other day that has kept me entertained with what has become my first top ten list. I guess “bottom 10” would be more appropriate, since it goes from “really bad” to “crime against humanity”.


David Lee Roth Saved My Life

In New York City's emergency rooms, medical care is undertaken by two different but equally important groups. The people who suffer injuries and illness, and David Lee Roth, who saves them. These are their stories.


Satanic Rocker drinks a fan's BLOOD???!!!

28-year-old "Gaahl", the singer in the black metal band Gorgoroth, may get as much as nine years if he is convicted in the abuse case which starts next week. The victim claims "Gaahl" drank his blood.

The abuse of a man in his 40’s took place at a desolate farm in Fjaler in Sunnfjord in February of 2002.

The victim received cuts in his head, nose and mouth. In addition, his teeth were damaged and he got a fracture in his nasal bone as a result of the abuse.
And they were here before as well!

Don't you think they look cute?


Guys will FUCK anything

Sometimes I wonder why there are people who will fuck anything these days.


Manipulating Shoppers

From shelf psychology to 'triangular balance', shoppers need to be wise to the tricks used to manipulate them during the sales, warns David Derbyshire

There are two golden rules to surviving the post-Christmas sales: never shop on an empty stomach and never shop on an empty head. Concentration is key


Wednesday, January 05, 2005


One of the few videos where donkey fucking is glorified

Video is here


Monday, January 03, 2005

Asian Girl Fight

VIDEO is here


Sunday, January 02, 2005

Interesting Photo Comparison

Reminds me of the song "THE WALL" by Pink Floyd



Bombs stuffed into school backpacks?

While he's at it, why not check the "Hello Kitty" pencil box for plastic explosives?



Photo of the Day

polar bubble.jpg


Pornstar Turned Judge

Lady Justice sure can pack it in. Story is here


Mannequins with a BIG ASS

Finally--big ass mannequins for the voluptous women. I'm a slim chick but I appreciate it. Click HERE for the story.


New Anna Kornikouva Rumors

The recent statement about the real wedding of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias hit the world press out of the blue. Millions of men all over the world probably thought that they would never see Anna's marvelous body again, enjoy her vigorous movements on the court, or discuss her new boyfriends. It seemed that the sexy Russian tennis star and top model would be locked indoors with her hubby, and her life would be hidden from the public view.


The International Year of the MILF

MILF = Mothers I'd Love to Fuck

Buh-bye, Britney. C.U. later, Christina. Hardly knew ye, Hilary/Lindsay/Ashlee/whatever. After bubblegum dominated turn-of-the-millennium media, the moment of the teeny-bopper hottie has passed. Sure, a cute young thing will always peg on the babe-o-meter, but now, to be sexy and au courant, you have to be over thirty. No wait, make that forty — with a few kids, to boot. Pitch in a husband or two (or three), and voila, you're at the top of the hot list. The hour of the MILF is upon us.


Wearable Body Organs

ScreamBody is the first of the series of Wearable Body Organs. ScreamBody is a portable space for screaming. When a user needs to scream but is in anynumber of situations where it is just not permitted, ScreamBody silences the user’s screams so they may feel free to vocalize without fear of environmental retaliation, and at the same time records the scream for later release where, when, and how the user chooses.


Another Weird Japanese Game Show


What are they trying to win?