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Friday, January 28, 2005

Don't try this at home (PAINFUL video)

Don't lose your head trying to meet up with your friends.


To those thinking of JUNIOR College

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Kind of Magazine

Dutch magazine was including an unusual freebie with its latest issue -- two marijuana seeds in a small plastic bag.

Nieuwe Revu Editor-in-Chief Mark Koster said the move was a publicity stunt accompanying the Jan. 26 issue, which advocates legalizing marijuana and other banned substances.


Sneaker Obssession

There's a fine line between obsession and appreciation... especially when it comes to collecting Nike sneakers.

Corgishoe smudged that line years ago.

With a collection topping off in the thousands, Corgishoe is sneaker subculture's very own Imelda Marcos. Perhaps the sickest thing about the kid is that he doesn't wear any of his shoes (he's usually sporting the same beat-up pair of New Balances), doesn't sell them (don't even ask), and after he purchases 'em, chances are he'll never see em again as they are thrown into the dizzying orange-and-brown madness.


Schoolbus Porn

A BUS driver shuttling pupils to school in northern Greece shocked their parents when he put on a porn tape, officials said today.

"The driver said 'kids we've got porn, do you want to watch it'," one of the pupils told reporters. "Everyone started shouting yes, yes and he just put in a tape and we watched it on the small TV screens on the bus."


White Whore Wife

Under these photos is a detailed description of how I turned my sweet wife into the White Whore Wife she is now! Many of these photos are 110's and Polaroid's so please forgive the quality!


Copying that CD...

can lead to painful anal sex... in prison.

Can you imagine being Bubba's ass bitch? Software piracy can lead to prison... and that WILL lead to unwanted, painful prison sex!


Karate Bikini Babes

I have been starting this post over and over today, trying to come up with something that could disguise the link, make it sound sexier than it already is or have you laughing before you even click the link. Sorry, I couldn't come up with something, so I'll give it to you straight: Karate Babes in Bikini.

And it's also allowed to click the ad-banner just above this text......nothing really strange will happen, I promise.


Romantic Suprise

When in the heat of love, your lover springs a surpise at you the memories will last.... FOREVER.


Monday, January 24, 2005

These guys are SLAP HAPPY

A violent craze in which thugs slap strangers across the face and record it on video phone is sweeping Britain.
The so-called "happy slappers" attack while an accomplice captures it to post on the internet or send to another mobile.

But what started as a schoolkids' prank has escalated into more serious assaults - including fly-kicking strangers' spines - and robberies.


He's looking for the Energizer Bunny

Police were on the search on Friday for a thief who made off with three "male appendages" from a Vancouver-area sex-toy store and may now be looking for batteries.

A clerk discovered the man stuffing the fake body parts into his clothes and asked "if he was going to need batteries for these three objects," the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a news release.


Halle Berry's Suck Ass Movie

The fur is still flying over Halle Berry's action flop "Catwoman."

The Razzies, which mock the worst in film, gave "Catwoman" a leading seven nominations Monday, among them worst picture, worst actress for Berry and worst supporting players for Sharon Stone and Lambert Wilson. "Catwoman" also was nominated for worst screen couple for Berry with either Stone or co-star Benjamin Bratt.

"'Catwoman' is the cinematic equivalent of a clump in the cat-litter box," Razzies founder John Wilson said. "Kind of a sad little thing laying there stinking up the place."


Attorney Fights For Topless Sunbathing

An attorney crusades to change the law because it treats male and female sunbathers differently. A ruling in a Megan's Law case adds urgency.

As a Ventura County public defender, Liana Johnsson has handled many life-changing cases, but her biggest public crusade these days has been going topless.

For months, Johnsson has been fighting to allow topless women at California beaches and parks, and now the issue has made its way to the Capitol.


Monty Python Fans Read This

You are King Arthur of the Britons! You let no-one stand in your way, you are brave and strong! Keep searching, you'll find the grail yet!
You are King Arthur of the Britons! You let no-one
stand in your way, you are brave and strong!
Keep searching, you'll find the grail yet!

Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY?


Celebrity Sex Dolls

I've been hunting this week to find sex dolls that look like celebrities. I've compiled a few of my favourites here for your viewing pleasure.



Staff at Headingly jail have started confiscating Bibles after discovering prisoners were using the pages for roll-your-own smokes.

The provincial jails are supposed to be tobacco-free, but enterprising inmates have come up with their own smokes - a combination of leaves from tea bags and Nicorette gum that is boiled, dried and rolled in the thin pages of the New or Old Testament.


Should THIS be my license plate??

Im not a bitch though >:<

I wonder if the guy paid for his license plate or is this a regular one? I know bit stands for Bitburg....


Monk tries to be a pimp

A drunken Cambodian monk who jumped into a woman's bed posing as her husband was found out when she reached out to stroke her partner's hair and felt a shaven head instead, police said on Friday.

Police said monk Prak Rasmey, 25, had visited the family's home complaining he needed medical treatment for a swollen finger and, knowing the husband was an alcoholic and a gambler, rewarded him for his help with rice wine and money to play cards.

The scheming monk then returned when he was sure the husband was away gambling, and the wife, smelling alcohol on the interloper's breath in the dark, assumed the man who snuck into her bed was her boozing husband.


Now THIS is Air Delivery

A woman gave birth to her baby in a field after she went into labour in the middle of a parachute jump. Eight months' pregnant Marija Usova ignored warnings from friends and other jumpers before the skydive in Moscow.

Halfway through the jump she felt an enormous pain and realised she had gone into labour. Marija managed to control her descent, although she said she was close to passing out at times.

She said: 'I wanted my baby to have the beautiful feeling of flying through the air and free-falling before it was born and give it something really unusual.


Sucking it in

Ladies, you all know the perfect way to get the attention you want, no matter what it takes, you want to look perfect...


This Pussy is SMOKIN (pic)


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lizard Sex (video)