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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Weird License Plate


Angry Ex Boyfriend posts Lost ad


More Stupid Pics


Interesting Army Ad

The image “http://dailyrandomsites.com/armyad.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.




Stare at this... What do you See?


Stupid Video of the Week (VIDEO)

Seriously. This girl may have gotten her chin caught and break her neck. BAD BAD BAD IDEA.


Is this Racist? (PIC)


Geek sex

When Tux the penguin was introduced as the Linux mascot, Linus Torvald said he didn’t want the OS to be associated with “a randy penguin.” We think it’s time to loosen up and let the little guy have some fun.

Tux and his female friend Lux are here to show you how to fsck, open source style. These positions are designed for smoothness and stability. Whether you like twiddling your bits or dangling your dongle, there’s something here to add to your sexual skillset.


Swallow ... Don't Spit

Your chewing gum has just lost its flavor, but there is no garbage can in sight. What do you do? According to Jewish law, get ready to swallow it.

A prominent Israeli rabbi has ruled that spitting gum on a sidewalk or hiding it under a desk is a violation of Halacha or Jewish law, the Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported Thursday.

"Gum cannot be thrown where others are liable to be disgusted by it," said Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the rabbi of the holy city of Safed


Sexy Dancing Lessons

Is there anything more arrousing than your girlfriend warming you up with a dance? Probably there are hotter things, but I want you to think about that dancing. She needs to learn that dancing somewhere so she goes to a dance instructor. They have the whole thing taped. Now I want to know from you who is the teacher and who is the student?



Here's a great story I heard over lunch with my good friend Tony Fadell, who leads the iPod engineering group at Apple. It seems he gets a lot of email from people living in college dorms, thanking him for their improved sex life.

Why? Well, their iPods have allowed them to create personal playlists that they carry along as a soundtrack to their lives. When they publish their playlists to Rendezvous networks in their dorms, other students surf those playlists to get an idea what people are like.


Weird one

We call ourselves photo artists, because photography is our medium to express our joy in life, in sensuality and all beautiful things. There is a lot of humour in our pictures, a lot of tongue in cheek and you may not like it. That is what the Weird and Wonderful World of Anna & Barney is about. Below are some photos of the Burqa Project.


Tattoo copyright infringment

A Portland man who put a tattoo on the right arm of former Trail Blazer Rasheed Wallace is suing to stop the forward from displaying the work in ads for Nike basketball shoes.

Matthew Reed from TigerLilly Tattoo and DesignWorks claims he owns the copyright for the design of the tattoo. Reed's lawsuit wants the Nike ad featuring Wallace and the tattoo off the air and the Internet, as well as damages.


Friday, February 18, 2005


GRAPEVINE, Texas - The owner of J.D. the Labrador may be wishing his dog weren't such a good retriever. Matthew Porter and two friends were playing Frisbee golf in a park Monday when a police officer who thought he smelled burning marijuana began questioning them.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dance White Dude Dance!

Who says white men can't dance?


2 Dumbass spazes on bike

This is either funny or disturbing. YOu make the choice.


British Kung Fu Video

Somehow, I don't think this video is all that believable. He'd probably be on the floor clutching his nuts in a second.


Natural Gas Powered Motorcycle


Musical CONDOM

A scientist has come up with a musical condom that gets louder as the sex gets more vigorous.

The singing protective is designed to be a laugh for couples who want to make their own sweet music, says Ukrainian inventor Dr Grigoriy Chausovskiy.

Different lovemaking positions determine what tune is played by the condom, which also works like a normal contraceptive.


Basketball causes Amnesia

An amnesia victim who recently turned up in Boston finally knows what his name is and was reunited with his family after an incredible twist of fate Monday.

Omar Hamani's brother, who lives in North Carolina, saw his missing sibling on television.

Hamani was discovered Jan. 12 unconscious in a snow bank on Blue Hills Avenue in Mattapan suffering a head injury and with no recollection of who he was except that he may have been called "Tee." Doctors said he had a rare form of amnesia. He was hospitalized for several weeks and then sent to a homeless shelter before a pair of sisters from Weymouth, Mass., offered to let him stay at their home until he could be reunited with his family.

"I can't thank them enough for what they did. They've been good to me," Hamani said.

His brother, Maliki Hamani, of Greensboro, N.C., saw the story of the Boston amnesia victim on television and contacted him. He said Omar, 22, is a native of the African nation of Niger, was a professional basketball player there, and is in school in North Carolina studying to be a veterinarian.


Britney Spears = Human Cow?

Now that she is married, Britney Spears is turning into something different. Is she a fat cow now?


Retard on Bike? What?

If you don't know how to ride a bike.........don't!


Japanese are Freaks pt 2

...it's weird. You won't believe this, a Japanese girls eats a lot of spaghetti, moves on to a table where the hostess waits for her in some red see-through bodystocking. The hostess tells her to throw up all that pasta on the head of another girl sitting at a table. Does it sound a bit disturbed to you? It does to me, but I had to see it to believe it. Yes, people from the land of the Rising Sun are weird....

Is this really on Japanese television?


Man is found to be ALLERGIC to his GIRLFRIEND

When they moved in together, Matt Baines and Cloe Height envisioned romantic evenings cuddled up on the sofa.
But within a month they realised getting close was out of the question.

Mr Baines is allergic to his girlfriend.


Forced to have Sex with Liza Minelli

This is not exactly CABARET, ole chum....

David Gest is far from shocked by charges Liza Minelli forced her former assistant to have sex with her - because he claims the star always walked around naked in front of her ex-employee.

On 9 November M'hammed Soumayah launched a $100 million lawsuit against Minnelli in a New York court, accusing the Cabaret star of assault and battery, breach of contract, withholding payment for services rendered and sexual harassment over a decade.

Furious Minnelli recently struck back with a countersuit, claiming Soumayah is conspiring with estranged husband Gest to destroy her.


Good Morning BITCHSLAP

Police here have launched a hunt for a man who hit an 8-year-old elementary school boy who said good morning to him on a street on Tuesday morning.

The boy, a second grader, said, "Good morning," to a man he passed on his way to school in Fukushima shortly before 8 a.m.


Tampons on Fire

Flames engulfed a truck carrying 20,000 pounds of sanitary napkins this morning -- backing up traffic on Interstate 80 for miles.

State police spokesman Tim Reppin says one of the rig's wheels caught fire and the flames quickly spread to its cargo.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Disturbing Cartoon

All joking aside, at this day and age, everyone should practice TOLERANCE.

Here's the offensive anti-gay toon


Monday, February 14, 2005

I Love You....

Cute Valentine Video


Beer + Video cam = STUPIDITY

Nothing like drunk morons testing the abilities of wooden planks.


The reason why many AMERICANS are Fat

How about a "Hamdog": A hotdog wrapped by a beef pattie that's deep fried, covered with chili, cheese and onions and served on a hoagie roll. Oh yeah, then topped with a fried egg and french fries


Better Sex is Just a SPRAY AWAY

Women with low libido can heat up their sex lives with the push of a spray can nozzle, say researchers at Australia's Monash University. A unique testosterone spray, developed by Melbourne-based company Acrux, significantly improved younger women's sexual enjoyment and satisfaction, according to the results of clinical trials.

The spray, which was tested on 261 premenopausal women across Australia who had low libido and testosterone levels, delivers testosterone and a substance to ensure the hormone is held in the skin and absorbed over 24 hours -- similar to the way sunscreen remains on the skin.


My Little Pony (A Woman's Story)

Her mom and dad split when she was only two years old and because her dad was a strange dude her mother always denied her to have contact with her father. But now that she turned 18, she was allowed to meet whoever she wanted. So she started a hunt for her father. After only one week she found him and they spoke over the telephone. He congratulated her on her 18th birthday and they decided to meet a few days later. He also asked her if she had any special wishes for a birthday present and of course she did. She was still searching for those special kind of Zippo lighters that you can attach to the side of your head, and she really liked those Xhumvee's, but she was also looking for that one special model to complete her My Little Pony collection.

Now that was a list her father could work with and he looked around and around and finally he got the present he could never buy her before. And that was the time they met and she never wondered why her mother always called her dad a strange fucked up dude


Extreme Body Art

I know she has nine tattoos herself, although I have never seen any of them yet. But she has interesting links on body art too. This one I really liked. The are not people with ink, these are illustrated people.


Im blonde, Im young, and I have no Valentines...

Anyway, here's a hot Valentine's message to everyone reading my blog:


That faggot Oscar ?

Was the choice of comedian Chris Rock to host this year's Oscars event a mistake?

That's what officials at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are said to be asking themselves in the wake of comments implying only homosexuals watch the Oscars.

"I never watched the Oscars. Come on, it's a fashion show," Rock recently said. "No one performs; it's not like a music show. What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars? Show me one!"


Another Racist Law thwarted? (laugh)

Virginia lawmakers dropped their droopy-pants bill Thursday after the whole thing became just too embarrassing.

The bill, which would have slapped a $50 fine on people who wear their pants so low that their underwear is visible in "a lewd or indecent manner," passed the state House on Tuesday but was killed by a Senate committee two days later in a unanimous vote.


smile for the camera

Every day, hundreds of people are booked into Tampa Bay area jails.

Drunken drivers, accused burglars, suspected murderers. Men charged with beating their wives. Women charged with abusing their children. Petty thieves caught stealing a few shirts from a department store.

No matter their crime, every one of them gets their picture taken.

That booking mug becomes a record of one of their lowest, most vulnerable moments - and how they reacted to it.

Some people seem confused, shell-shocked. Their faces betray their fear, or their amusement. In some cases, we shudder because the looks on their faces are so scary.

And if you want more mugshots, you better have a look at the mugshot-section at the Smoking Gun.


Another reason I'll never get married

When you marry the names of the bride and groom are joined together. That may also be a good reason for a lot of people never to have taken that step.


Actual woman being drawn

It'll take a while before you really notice what's going on, but a woman is being drawn, from the inside out.


Dumb Criminal of the Week

This is almost as sad as those dragnet operations telling people with arrest warrants that they won a sweepstakes
A robbery suspect was caught after leaving his wallet on the store counter -- and then going to the police station to pick it up.

Joseph Fahnbulleh, 22, was jailed on a robbery charge, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Thursday.

A few days after the Jan. 29 robbery, he walked into the police station in Euless, near Dallas, to pick up his wallet after a detective called to tell him someone had found it.


The Japanese sure are Perverted (Part 88)

If it is Japanese, it is sexually weird. Here's something you don't see everyday. You ask for a dozenJapanese girls to take off their clothes and when they're all naked, ask them to enter a phonebooth, all at the same time. And when all of 'em are out of the box, the next group can't wait to do the same thing and the next and the next.... Why? Is that a Japanese college initiation?


Weirdest Personal Ad ever




Life Sucks (VIDEO)

Is this video just nature in action or yet another example of the sadistic fucked up stupid cruelty of humanity? Check out the video and you make the call!


Sunday, February 13, 2005

This guy has a PIMP RIDE (video)

This guy knows how to ROLL IN STYLE -- pimp wheels, man, pimp ride!


SICK (as in good... very good) Dance Video

This guy is AMAZING!


Funniest pic to shut someone up on the forums


Famous Killers

Yes, bad things happen to good people. As it turns out, bad things also happen to famous people. Here are some well-known people with something unusual in common: they have all accidentally killed someone.


Porn star films robbery in progress

Porn actor Thomas "Rocco" Hansen was in the middle of recording of a porn movie when he witnessed a robbery in Oslo, Sunday night.

Hansen said he was busy recording his new porn film in his apartment at Aker Brygge when he heard a lot of noise and several shots. He said he ran on to the balcony, but was immediately ordered to get down.

But the porn actor decided to collect his video camera and filmed part of the robbery. The police later confiscated the film as evidence.


Beer that stays cool longer

How much would you pay for a bottle of beer that stays cold nearly an hour longer?

Pittsburgh Brewing Co., maker of Iron City Beer, is asking an additional $1 per case.

The brewery has partnered with Alcoa Inc., the world’s largest aluminum maker, to produce aluminum bottles that keep beer colder for as much as 50 minutes longer. About 20,000 cases of the new aluminum bottle beer are en route to as many as 28 states and should be on shelves this week


No more Panties and Monkeys

Window shoppers in Iran will no longer have the pleasure of looking at women's underwear or buying a variety of pets, according to new police rules reported Saturday and criticised by President Mohammad Khatami.

According to the student news agency ISNA, shops have been barred from displaying lingerie in their windows - with the display ban also applying to "unveiled mannequins with noticeable curves."


Japanese Sausages

There's much more you can do with a sausage than put it on a roll of bread and add mustard and ketchup. In Japan, of course, mothers provide their children with a different style of sausages you won't be able to buy at your local hotdog stand.


Lord of the Rings: PUSSY MONGERS

Judging from this transcribed video clip, Lord Of The Rings' characters are pussy-crazed guys


What happens when your PC is fille with too much porn?

You get this error message....