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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Elvis is still alive

I love pasty skinned white guys with big pot bellies, 70's pimp glasses, and pompadours. It makes me drip teen female juices LOL

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce

Nick Lachey came one step closer to selling oranges on the side of the freeway today, as Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce. E! Online has confirmed that Jessica Simpson filed for divorce Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the end of her two-and-a-half-year marriage to Lachey.

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When Pornstars Attack

Glamour babes have always been known to be uninhibited and wild but not like this. Watch out when pornstars attack.


Ultimate Remote Control

Now this has to be the ultimate remote control for men.

See it in action


Reinventing the Wheel

Michelin introduced a new concept for mobility, an integrated tire and wheel combination without using the one ingredient normally associated with traditional tire performance...air. The company unveiled the first real-world fitments for its revolutionary "Tweel" which operates entirely without air.


Duct Tape Festival

The Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival returns for a second time, showcasing duct tape in all forms including art, sculptures, fashion and more. It will be a celebration of duct tape, its enthusiasts, and its wacky and fun uses. The festival also honors the history and heritage of the city that is proclaimed the "Duct Tape Capital" of the world, home of Duck® brand duct tape, Avon, Ohio. Rides, games and food will be part of the celebration, along with a car show, steak fry and a duct tape parade!

Image Hosted by Imagehigh.net

Steve Harris was named the First-ever Duct Tape Dad of the Year in 2004. Here, he rides in the parade, waving to the fans. This year, the event starts June 17.


New extreme sport

Introducing the PowerSki Jetboard, a revolutionary new motorized wake-ski board, which is a cross between a high performance surfboard and a competition water-ski / wakeboard.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Care for a sandwich?

Now this is for meatlovers only.....

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Hardcore teddy banned from bear parade

A giant dominatrix teddy bear wearing a leather mask and brandishing hand-cuffs has been banned from sober Zurich's street display of man-sized model bears, the project's artistic director said Tuesday.

While tourists pose for snaps next to a brightly-painted and benign array of models such as the "schoolteacher bear" and the "skier bear," "Baervers" -- a pun on the German for perverse -- has been deemed too steamy for the financial capital's streets.

"This bear is perverse, dominatrix and hardcore. We had to ban it because of the children," Beat Seeberger-Quin, the project's art director, told Reuters.


Russian Reality Show Accused of Prostitution and Pimping

Russian MPs are seeking to ban a Russian reality-show and send it hosts to prison, as they say the show is a form of organized prostitution and pimping in a letter to Putin.


Welcome to Stunt City

Life in Stunt City is just a little different from what we're used to, which is why having good protection is just a little bit more important.

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Scissors found inside woman's stomach

A pair of scissors and four needles have been recovered from inside the belly of an Iranian woman six years after she gave birth by caesarean section, the Iran newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The report said the unnamed woman from the western town of Marivan in Kurdistan province had complained of chronic abdominal pains -- prompting the discovery of leftover tools in her tummy.


Paris Hiltons Finds Saddam Pictures 'Hot'

Last week the London tabloid "The Sun" released some photographs of the 68 year old former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, including one revealing picture of him in nothing but his underwear.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, always a source of deep political thought, was asked about the photographs shortly after leaving a Los Angeles club Saturday night.

"I think it's hot," said Hilton. "Saddam's got a great body and he's not afraid to show it. It's too bad more men aren't willing to be photographed in their undies."


Suntan lotion provides rapist protection as well

A liberal slathering of suntan lotion gave one woman more protection than she bargained for, allowing her to slip out of the grasp of a would-be rapist, police near Los Angeles said.

Sheriffs in Orange County, southeast of Los Angeles, said the woman was able to struggle out of the grip of a man who assaulted her in a public park on Sunday because he couldn't get a good hold on her.

"She had a large amount of suntan oil on, which made her very slippery and hard to grasp," Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino told KCAL9 television news.

"And her courage -- she was able to kick and scream and fight him off," he added, praising the pluck of the woman in her 20s.


Double Duty

Hangover from hell....
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Teri Hatcher willing to pose topless for $10M

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has revealed she would pose topless for Playboy for $10 million.

It was recently reported that her co-stars Nicolette Sheridan,
Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman turned down the offer for all of them to strip off for the men's magazine.

But Teri admits the offer would be far too tempting.


Lard Ass

Is this butt insured like J-Lo's?


My apologies

Playing it safe....
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Treehuggers Unite

Anyone concerned with Mother Earth has no doubt heard of the yearly tradition known as Burning Man. Why not pretend you are there all over again as you play a round of Burning Man Bingo..

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Hire a Killer

Welcome to HIRE-A-KILLER.COM! We have been in the business of contract killing for over 50 years, and are continuously revolutionizing the field. We are pleased to offer you unprecendented expertise, highly competitive rates and a user-friendly approach to doing business.

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With our pioneering technology and new highly accessible website, taking out a contract on someone's life has never been easier! How can we help YOU today?


Golden shower

Must be donut time for the cops.....
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100 All Time Movies

Time Magazine has put together a list of films everybody should see at least once in his lifetime. The list of 100 All Time Movies is good, but do you think it could use some additions or are there movies that don't belong in there?


Let Darth Vader read your mind!

This game takes quite a while but in the end he gets it right


Monday, May 23, 2005

Of cheeseburgers and bentleys

What's the connection between Paris washing her bentley and eating a cheeseburger? Find out here.


Which would you rather have?

A butt in hand is worth two in....a billboard?
click to enlarge


Charlotte Church wants Halle Barry's Boobs

Welsh soprano Charlotte Church may only be 19 years old, but she already wants a new pair of breasts - and she has her eye on Halle Berry's.

The Voice of an Angel singer is horrified by the fake topless snaps of her circulating on the internet, but mainly because she claims the fakers "use really bad t*ts on my body".

She explains, "They use computers to add my head onto someone else's body. Not that I'm perfect. I'd love a new pair of t*ts.

"Halle Berry. Her t*ts are bl**dy fantastic. I saw them in a film the other week and they are the best.

"Even though they are the wrong colour, I'd still have her t*ts if I could."


Hacker deletes own hard drive

A chat channel spat ended when a wannabe hacker was duped into deleting his own hard drive.
The 26 year-old German claimed he was the baddest hacker in town and threatened to attack a moderator on #stopHipHop's RC Channel because he thought he'd been thrown out.

He demanded the moderator cough up his IP address and prepare to be hacked.

The moderator sent back a bunch of numbers and there then followed a period in which the moderator assumes all manner of hack tools were unleashed at the IP address.


Flying Mile High

Join the mile high club but with a totally different meaning altogether. Let these signs guide you in making your flight one of the best ever.

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Would you like some booty with that?

Nude business promotions have been banned in China, with Beijing taking aim at naked shop models and restaurants where food is served on the bodies of unclothed women.

This takes customer service to a whole new level.


Light Saber Dildo

In honor of the last installment of the Star Wars saga, why not make a light saber dildo?

Here's what you need: a toy laser sword with a retractable blade, a brightly colored clear jelly dildo, a utility knife, and a mini LED flashlight. Match the color of the flashlight to the color of the dildo if you can.

More instructions


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lara Croft tones down her voluptous figure

In an attempt to appeal to more female players the creators of computer game icon Lara Croft have re-vamped her image to remove one of her most prominent and remarked-upon features: her generous bust.

Read more here


Veg 'porn' causes a stir

A new 'porn' video depicting vegetables being fondled and prodded is causing a stir among vegetarians.

The flick, which shows melons being gripped by a female hand and peas being prodded by a man's finger, was created by the Vegetarian Society to show that going veggie can be fun.

Well, the movie didn't turn me on...I think I'll have some steak tonight.


Thongs win!

I guess there's no arguing possible in the case what's better, thongs or panties...

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N.J. College Student Auctions Body on EBay

A 21-year-old college business major living in this northern New Jersey community has proven a basic lesson of marketing: Sex sells. Courtney Van Dunk posted a bikini-clad picture of herself on eBay about two weeks ago, auctioning off space on her body for advertisers. The auction ended Thursday with a winning bid from a New Jersey wine retailer offering $11,300 for a month's worth of advertising. Van Dunk, though, says the offer has been retracted, but she's confident that she's made contacts with enough companies to still earn some cash.

When she finds a buyer, Van Dunk plans to place temporary tattoos on her abdomen while she's at the beach, or on other body parts when she's at the mall, sporting events, amusement parks and other public places. Her butt and chest are off limits.

By the way: this is Courtney van Dunk.


Breast milk spiked with rocket fuel?

Recent reports show that there's rocket fuel in the breast milk of women in 18 states. Jimmy Kimmel investigates.


Look, Ma no....clothes?

Biking while in your birthday suit sounded so much better in my head.....

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I'm too sexy for my shirt....

Normally I buy my shirts at shirtshop, but the shirts of T-SHIRTHELL are great too!
They even have a section named 'whores'.


Stop! Hammertime!

Now all it needs is a cop breakdancing on the street.

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Woman charged with cutting husband’s penis

A rural New London woman is charged with substantial battery for allegedly cutting her husband’s penis with a scissors — an injury that required 15 stitches to repair.

Theresa L. Hedtke, 42, N2631 Hutchinson Road, appeared Monday before Waupaca County Circuit Judge Raymond Huber, who released her on a $5,000 signature bond.


Geeks singing about math principles (VIDEO)

I have a feeling these dorks will end up owning a software company that will own all of us. LOL