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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Death By Superglue

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A young Thai man with a history of moodiness has killed himself by gluing his mouth and nose shut with super glue.

Bangkok police say the young man's body was found Thursday morning in his bedroom, apparently after suffocating overnight. They say a small amount of cash and a note saying "Here is all that I have, take what you please" were also found on the bed.

The man's family told police he had argued with his sister Wednesday over some money she'd borrowed and not repaid. He went into his bedroom, where his body was found ten hours later.



Off with his head!

It's a good thing we now have the courts to mete out justice...
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Desert storm engulfs town

A huge dust storm dwarfs cars and buildings as it blows in from the Iraqi desert. At one stage the vast cloud of debris measured almost 5,000ft in height, according to weathermen.

The dramatic pictures were taken by US Marines who were patrolling the town of Al Asad when the storm struck. It left a cloud of dust that stretched almost 80 miles.

Found via a Welsh View.


Pink Plates Proposed For Sex Offenders

Some Ohioans convicted of drunken driving can be seen driving vehicles with yellow license plates. If one Ohio lawmaker has his way, sexual predators could soon have to drive vehicles with pink license plates, NBC 4's Erin Tate reported.

The bright yellow license plates help law enforcement officers recognize drivers with multiple DUI convictions.

"We've sold over 16,000 in the past five years," said Fred Stratmann, of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The pink plates could help notify police -- and parents -- of another type of offender.


Voice tells him to hammer own head

Russian man hammers nail into head after hearing a voice (With X-Ray pics).

Photo from www.kp.ru

Photo from www.kp.ru


Cartbike Building Misadventures

HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN CARTBIKE! I want one of these....not sure what I'd use it for....probably to transport bottles of booze home.


Casino carpet

This is it...the notorious casino carpet gallery: six pages of casino carpeting and nothing but.

I began this quixotic adventure by trying to photograph a sample of casino carpeting in every Las Vegas casino. From there it grew into a national quest: in every casino city I visit now, I make a point of capturing each casino's floor for these pages.

Casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble.


Abortionist accused of eating fetuses

A Kansas City abortionist is out of business after investigators discovered a grisly house of horrors at his clinic – with fetuses kept in Styrofoam cups in his refrigerator and one employee accusing him of microwaving one and stirring it into his lunch


Spray-on Mud

For all those idiots with 4x4;s or SUV's and are eager to impress other people but don't want to do any actual off-roading.

Spray-on mud



This could be a fun game. I found it at J-Walk and I decided to do a follow up.

Type each letter of the alphabet in your browser and copy the link suggested by your browser.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Juiced, as in life, is all about the car. But it takes more than a fresh coat of pearlescent paint to earn respect on the road.


Puking her brains out

At least she had the presence of mind to puke in a garbage can...


MJ's Magic Still Lingers

One MJ fan is overwhelmed by his emotions....


Ogle at these puppies!


via sxxxy.org


Create your mario world

How to Make Your Own Mario Question Blocks and Put Them Up Around Town
Because It's Really Awesome.


Homemade aircon

I'm a student, with limited funds and a cheap house without air conditioning. To avoid dying this summer, I've built a primitive air conditioner.

It's a basic heat pump, using water as the medium. You'll probably need to fiddle a bit with the dimensions of the supplies based on your resources and preferences.


Leftover lunch

Lunch is that meal in the middle of the day. Eaten and enjoyed by both rich and poor, young and old, lunch is somthing we all have in common. It's a time when we all take off from work and school to come together in a tasty gathering.

Leftover Lunch is all about what happens to our lunch, after lunch. We here at Leftover Lunch and LLabs are dedicated to studing this meal we all love so very much and keeping you up to date on the very latest developments!


Compilation of accidents

Some we've seen, some we haven't...


The Art of Illusion

Artist Eric Grohe takes plain walls and turns them into large-scale works of art. The scale, realism and attention to detail are incredible.

free image hosting free image hosting

See more here.


This dude got OWNED (video)

Click here for the funniest MSN striptease video


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Aerial View of Sinking Ship

Shipwreck From Above


For all well-meaning friends out there....

...don't argue with a drunk person!


Bottoms up!

Can't get this beer bottle away from me!


Pink Floyd reform for Live 8 show

Rock band Pink Floyd's classic line-up will be reunited on stage for the first time in
24 years at next month's Live 8 concert in London.

Roger Waters will join band members Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright for the show in Hyde Park.

Waters last performed on stage with them at London's Earls Court in 1981.

The Live 8 concert, organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to help fight African poverty, is one of five taking place around the world on 2 July.

Roger Waters
Roger Waters left Pink Floyd in the mid-1980s to pursue a solo career


Lower back tattoo remover

...because it won't be cool forever!


Care for a Heineken?

Don't you wish you could drink beer out of this container?


Michael Jackson: Not guilty

Jackson Moonwalks out of all charges....


Lego concept models

Check out this great collection of Lego concept models.


Race to the...shopping counter?

Liven up your grocery day with this shopping cart.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Get me to the church on time

If they used a forklift to bring this lady to the church, imagine what they used for the groom.....
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Surf's up!

This takes the definition of surfing to a whole new level.
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Support the veterans

Dark times
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Poultry meat corpses

Human corpses built from poultry meat that was thrown away to the garbage. This sculpture technique comes to alert from the mass slaughtering that makes the man motionless to the life that surrounds him.

See these creatures shown in a Direct Action in which they were placed in cars that had been involved in traffic accidents and organized with this appalling sight of "corpses", a protest against the construction of the controversial Trans-Israel Highway.


Take a ride on the Lego Volvo

Photo of a full-sized Lego Volvo.

Lego Volvo



In-Souls inserts are designed to provide a tangible support to assist Christians to literally walk in the word of the Lord.

Inspirational Scripture Shoe Inserts

Designed to aid in the daily prayer, meditation and growth of a strong spiritual relationship with Christ.

In Souls - Stand on the Word of God Greeting Cards


Fred Durst's baby cure

Fred Durst's baby cure

Limp Bizkit star Fred Durst downs baby drinks to get rid of a hangover.

The hardman rocker swears by the juice for toddlers, called Pedialyte, as a quick pick-me-up after a heavy night of drinking.

British presenter Vernon Kay said the musician introduced him to the miracle cure on a recent trip to Miami - and was amazed by the results.

He revealed: "I met Fred Durst in Miami and he told me about this baby drink called Pedialyte.


Rachel gets fruity

This young lady wants you to focus your attention on her while you slide your hands down your pants and, well see for yourself.


Breathe some Celebrity Air

Los Angeles - An enterprising celebrity spotter is offering fans the chance to buy a jar of fresh air allegedly breathed by stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - for a mere $15 000.

How far would you go for your Hollywood Idol?


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Pop Star "Raped" Teaher

A former pop star twice raped a woman after she fell asleep in his bedroom, a court heard yesterday.Tim Simenon, 37, who was known as Bomb The Bass and reached number two in the charts with Beat Dis in 1988, allegedly attacked the trainee teacher as she lay on the floor.He ignored her protests to stop and then climbed back into bed, Snaresbrook crown court was told. But when Simenon was arrested nearly eight months later, he claimed the 27-year-old woman had made all the moves.


Celebrities saved by the Heimlich Maneuver

What Do these Celebrities Have in Common? Cher. Former President Ronald Reagan. Former New York Mayor Ed Koch. Elizabeth Taylor. Goldie Hawn. Walter Matthau. Carrie Fisher. Dick Vitale. News anchor John Chancellor. Jack Lemmon. What is the connection between these well-known people? Actually, it's a well-known life-saving procedure. Each of these famous people was saved from choking to death by the Heimlich Maneuver.

Ronald Wilson Reagan

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor

Via The Heimlich Institute


Tsunami Surf Party

I dare you to join this Tsunami Surf Party....
Tsunami Surf Party


How-to: Make your own 1920's style bluetooth handset

This device is a conversion of a 1920's candlestick phone to a bluetooth enabled handset. I thought it would be a fun gadget and conversation piece to have on the coffee table. Also I am sure this delivers the lowest amount of brain-tumor-causing radiation of all the headsets currently on the market. Even the tiny bit of RF generated by the bluetooth module is over a foot from your head. It would make a great gift for the paranoid.

This week's how-to is brought to us by Jon Preussner, who'll be showing us how to make a bluetooth handset out of a slightly less cutting edge piece of telecommunications!


Family of Frogs

Even frogs know how to stick together.....
Image Hosted by Imagehigh.net


We live to deliver

Got to deliver in less than 30 minutes....


Beer Buddy

Ever reached into a fridge, and discovered a bottle of beer that you forgot was there, but had no idea how long it had been in the fridge?Common sense, of course tells us not to drink anything we know to be expired, but it's beer - it can't all be that bad, can it? With BeerBuddy, you'll never have to make that call again - just punch in the bottling code and we'll tell you if its good to drink or not.


Jesus potato chip

One Valentine's Day, her brother found a heart-shaped potato chip, but no one in the family had ever seen what emerged from a bag of Lay's sour cream and onion potato chips a couple of weeks ago: an oval measuring roughly 11/2 inches in diameter, in which Rosalie Lawson saw the image of Jesus Christ.
She sent e-mails to CNN, to WFLA and to the St. Petersburg Times. "Well, I'll tell you what," she said Tuesday afternoon to a reporter and a photographer from the Times. "You're the first people to call me.She knows about the GoldenPalace online casino, which spent $28,000 for a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich that reportedly bears the image of the Virgin Mary; $10,600 for the pretzel that looks like the Virgin Mary cradling the infant Jesus; and $232.50 for the chicken breast that resembles the visage of the late Pope John Paul II. The Lawsons' chip is "just in a jar on the buffet in my kitchen," said Rosalie Lawson. "We're just going to keep it for now."


LiveDrunk Wristband

This is the wristband you should have. The LiveDrunk wristband!Brought to you by the drunk friends.

Make your statement and buy LIVEDRUNK