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Friday, June 24, 2005

Homes of the Billionaires

Homes of the Billionaires

Homes of the Billionaires

How does the other half live? Well, it depends. Try more like how does the other 0.00001% live?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the median American house size is slightly more than 2,000 square feet. Compare that with the domicile of the world's richest man: As might be expected from one with that sobriquet, Microsoft founder Bill Gates' house is more than 30 times the average size. The NAHB says that most houses have three bedrooms, one fireplace and are sided with vinyl or aluminum. Some billionaires' homes have more than a dozen bedrooms, and the only vinyl is in the rare-record collection housed in the custom-built listening room.


Airline Providing Mile-High Service

It is the Mile High Club, and now an area business is trying to cash-in on sex in the skies. The service is so controversial one nearby airport has already declined to have it.

San Antonio Air Tours is promoting sex on airplanes.

“When you say the Mile High Club, you don't have to explain it to anyone,” Phillip Carroll with San Antonio Air Tours said. On the plane for the tour, there is a mattress behind the pilot’s seat and a curtain separating you from the pilot.

“They can get a nice romantic flight, and they can do whatever they like in a private cabin,” Carroll said.


25 favorite Sesame Street moments


I watched and enjoyed the living crap out of this show far longer than I should have. It's become a part of me that I couldn't get rid of if I wanted to. I blame my mother. She teaches preschool, & as a result, she can often be found wandering around the house, singing her little preschool songs, at least half of which are from Sesame Street. And now, I've picked up this habit. Not out loud, but in my head. When I was doing the spring design, with the rain background, I had that "It's a rainy day" song as mental background music. Sesame Street has made a Pavlov's dog out of me. I can't avoid it. It's part of my subconscious now. I can't go food shopping without having "a loaf of bread, a container of milk, & a stick of butter" repeating in my frigging head. I'll be 85 years old, & permitting that my dentures are strong enough, I'll still bite into a cookie in such a way that it looks like the letter C without even realizing what I'm doing. And if that's my fate, that's good enough for me.

And so, I have compiled a list of my 25 favorite Sesame Street moments. Some of these may not be the greatest, some may not be the most important... but these are the ones that I'll keep with me as the most genuine memories of my first teacher: the world's most famous address.


New CHR Logo

free image hosting

After 5 years of heated debate, the Commission of Human Rights approved the new International Symbol of Marriage.


Nerd Bling

Get your nerdy bling on with this 1.5" diamond-shaped gold microprocessor pendant.

Bling Bling


50 Worst Haircuts

Guess who's in the top (or should we say last?) place....
50 Worst Haircuts



It's a good thing it didn't topple over...


Stuffed animals

This guy, Jacob Berendes, has been making a stuffed animal every day since September 2004 and he publishes the pictures of it. Now that's an interesting hobby. Do you have a hobby?


Hasselhoff airplane

Download, print-out and make the Hasselhoff paper airplane today!

Your prayers have been answered. In no time at all you could be throwing lovely Dave's face around the room. Just print-out the airplane template and follow the folding instructions. It's that easy!



Do you honestly think this will get him out of a ticket?


Thursday, June 23, 2005

A different look at beer

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions BeerShots website featuring digital images and photomicrographs (photographs taken through an optical microscope) of the World's most famous beers. We have arranged the beer images by country.

Thanks Fishbowl.


Huge Elephant Robot Puppet


In honor of the 100th anniversary of Jules Verne’s death, some cats in Nantes, France staged a jaw-dropping fantasy morning involving wooden space probes, a giant water squirting elephant, and a huge girl on a scooter who visited the mayor at his office and made pee.

I think the elephant is absolutely incredible. I apparently has a hose along its back and was controlled by a group called Royal De Luxe. It’s 30 feet tall and has a house on its back.

Dreams Made Real [IDFuel]


This is the real moonwalker

Try topping this MJ!


My other car is a keyboard

Spotted in Los Angeles, a car covered with bazillions of keys that appear to be from video editing systems or computer keyboards. It was beautiful, like a crazy geek mosaic. Via



This is a commercial for... maybe I shouldn't tell you, it would spoil the whole thing.


That's Not a Knife...

This is a knife.

Shark Knife


Cud you beat this cow?

Came close to tears laughing so hard at this video.

Cow Fights Man


Largest ice pop

The world's largest ice pop had a brief moment in the sun Tuesday. But the dream of beverage company Snapple and its partners quickly melted away when the enormous frozen pop turned into slush and spilled onto the streets of New York City.

Snapple was trying to beat the 10-ton mark for world's largest ice pop, set in 1997 in the Netherlands, said Lauren Radcliffe, a spokeswoman for the company. Full story


Mario Bros rocks

Check out this guy, playing Mario Bros themes on his electric guitar.


Surprising expiration dates

Certain items in your house practically scream “toss me” when their prime has passed. That mysterious extra white layer on the Cheddar? A sure sign it needs to be put out of its misery. Chunky milk? Down the drain it goes.

But what about that jar of olives or Maraschino cherries that has resided in your refrigerator since before the birth of your kindergartner? Or the innumerable nonedibles lurking deep within your cabinets and closets: stockpiled shampoo and toothpaste, seldom-used silver polish? How do you know when their primes have passed?


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

World’s First "Tasting" Robot

ITmedia reports on the world’s first “tasting” robot, developed by NEC System Technologies in cooperation with Sanjuu University. Since actually slapping taste buts on a slobbery, robotic tongue would probably be far too difficult, the company opted to install an infrared sensor in one of the robot’s “hands.” When you put a piece of food up to the sensor, it will blast it infrared at different wavelengths, and depending on the reverb, the robot can determine what food it is. This is surprisingly (for me, anyway) accurate — the “Health and Foodstuff Adviser Robot” can distinguish between different types of bread and cheese. If it complained at me for eating too many Double Stuf Oreos, however, it’s out the window.

World’s First “Tasting” Robot [ITmedia]

tastingroboto.jpg image


The Survival Guide to Living in a Vehicle

Car Living is defined as staying in a vehicle for a night or even longer. This will no doubt bring back memories of road-trips, camping and other fun experiences. Or, perhaps you have to live in your car because of a low-paying job, divorce or other trauma. No matter what the reason, Car-livers need to be presentable and maintain a normal life and career.

For some, the sense of adventure keeps them on the road and living in their vehicle. For others, it's a way of saving money or recovering from a bad situation. Everyone has their own reason, their own location, and their own way of making the experience the best it can be. And there are many benefits.


USB Fondue Set

Tired of the lunchtime greasy McBurger with pickle routine? Looking to expand your culinary sophistication without leaving your cube? Look no further than the Fundue™ - the World's first desktop USB fondue set. With features like an LCD display, blue LED glowing heater element and fireglow USB cables you'll be the MacDaddiest, most svelte lemming in the office come lunchtime.

Sure, you'll be sucking precious energy from your computer's power supply that your motherboard might need, but who cares when you are also sucking on a piece of crusty french bread drenched in a nutty Gruyere!

The Fondue That's Fun Too!


Disneyland in Lego

Another post for Lego enthusiasts. You can create anything with these bricks it seems. Here's Disneyland in Lego.



Instant Death

If you do something illegal, you can get a fine, but do they expect the dead person to pay the fine as well?


Sumo Tube

Action Shot 1

Wear it! Steer it! Roll it! Jump it! The Sumo Tube is a new, exciting, and challenging freestyle towable that is not connected to the boat. The rider slides into the Sumo suit and holds on to a grab handle on the end of a 60' rope. The rider can roll 360s from left to right, jump the wakes, steer left and right by moving their arms, or just glide across the water's surface. It's a fast and fun bodysurfing thrill ride. The Sumo Tube can also be used in the crashing waves as a body surfing tube.


Bunny Pigs

Don't try giving these to your child as pets....


Store Wars

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Follow the adventures of Obi-Wan Cannoli in Store Wars.


Bier Eis

Pfew, it's warm...
time for a Bier Eis!


Educational Series

Your daughter's boyfriend demonstrates how to cut a tattoo off your body and triumphantly showcase the swatch of flesh on your tongue.

Do-it-yourself Tattoo Removal


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

All there is to say....

...about MJ


Paris Hilton Commercial (Director's Cut)

Leaked version of the commercial.

Paris Hilton Directors Cut


Reduce, reuse, recycle

This is one way of recycling PET bottles.
Bottle Shoes


What a wake-up call!

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PINE BLUFF, Ark. -- An airborne car crashed through the wall of a man's bedroom, landing on him as he slept.

"It hit the outside bedroom wall, continued through the bedroom, over the bed and partially exited through the side wall," police Lt. Bob Rawlinson said. "The guy was pinned under the car and rolled up in the mattress."

Ricky May suffered burns and injuries to one eye and his hand.

The driver of the car, Devlon Chandler, had fallen asleep at the wheel as he and his wife, Arninitra, were returning home from a casino in Greenville, Miss., police said.

Their car left the road, crossed a grassy area, clipped a utility pole, ruptured a gas main and went airborne before crashing into May's house, about 500 feet from the road.

May, 42, was taken to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to treatment of his eye injury, and he may have to have one finger amputated, police said. Rawlinson said Monday that May had been upgraded from serious condition.

Devlon Chandler, 34, also of Pine Bluff, was ticketed for failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle, driving on a suspended license and not having proof of insurance, police said.


Neverland Ranch souvenirs

Enterprising citizens are cashing in on MJ's situation.
Neverland Shirt


Pilot error

Helicopter pilot misses landing on a ship, and then decides to do this!


Nature lover

Men Think About Sex Every 7 Minutes


Top Gun

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A TV camera crew was arrested last night for squirting film star Tom Cruise with water.

Cruise, 42, was furious after being soaked at the London premiere of new movie War of the Worlds.

The star was on a walkabout to meet fans when an “interviewer” sprayed him with a joke mike.

Clearly annoyed, Cruise demanded three times: “Why would you do that?”

Full story


Blade Through His Abdomen

Video of someone who enjoys life on the edge.

Knife Through Stomach


Beer Database

The Oxford Bottled Beer Database is a constantly growing resource for beer lovers worldwide. There are currently 2295 beers listed, from 69 different countries. We aim to provide tasting notes, factual information about the beers and photographs.

Care to add your favorite beer?


Monday, June 20, 2005

Dumbass spam email of the week

From Gen John Minor, Children David and Nana.

Good Day Dear, We know this mail will come to you as a surprise, nevertheless let me introduce our selfs to you, I am David Minor aged 25 years and my sisther Nana age 22 we are the Children of Mr and Mrs.Gen John Minor, a diamond dealer from Liberia, My father is now late,he died some months back during the last and current crisis in my country Liberia.

He was killed by the hearthless rebels for refusing to join and sponsor the rebellion group in my country and as a human right activist. nevertheless we will be so glad if you will understand and lead us to the right channel towards your assistance to our situation now. we will make our mail well known if we are given the opportunity.

As a result of the on-going crisis in my country, and also getting a trust worthy individual abroad to help us receive this huge Amount of Diamond 7000 kg (7tones) of gold in stock and 285,513 carat of Rough Diamond made by our late father and now on our behalf.

The main reason why we are contacted you is to sick your assistance in the area of our future investment in your country and also for a help hand over this huge Amount of Diamond and gold on our behalf. that was deposited by our father in the Central Bank of Guinea Conakry. some years ago, as Dakar Senegal was just like our place of holiday when our parent was still alife me and my sisther Nana was schooling here befor the death of our parent in our country Liberia, my father made me the sole beneficiary of the deposited Diamonds and gold in the Central Bank of Guinea Conakry. I am now asking you to stand by my side as an elderly Person to claim the deposited Diamonds and Gold that was deposited by my late father in the Central Bank of Guinea Conakry ,and assist us on investing it in your country.

For your percentage me and my sisther Nana have made up our mind to offer you 20% of the total diamond and gold also map out 5% for any expensis that will be made,like your telephone calls, during the transaction while the remaining will go into a productive investment. As we have mention earlier that we will make the procedure to this issue to be well know to you,if we are given the opportunity to do so.

Our telephone number is 00221 548 1141 you can call or email us XXXXX , me and my sisther will be wating to hear from you as soon as you get this mail.for further clarifications.

God bless you as you heed to our plea for assistance.

Sincerely yours,

David and Nana Minor John.


Self-lighting cigarette

Smokers, breathe easy (if you still can) — technology has finally solved the pressing problem of not being able to light up on a windy day. Israeli company Gashbam Enterprises has invented a self-lighting cigarette — which also solves the problem of forgetting your lighter or using the last match.

self-lighting cigarette


Free Mammography

Would you accept a free mammography from this guy?


Peter Pan Complex in action

Think happy thoughts....think happy thoughts....


At a crossroads

This girl can stop people in their tracks..or cause others to fall dead in their tracks anyway...


Anatomically correct chocolate body parts

Sinfully delicious, perfect for that brain surgeon, cardiac whiz doc or ENT specialist you love. Also fabulous for coroners, funeral students and for sucking up purposes. What better way to get a better grade in mortuary school than to leave anatomical, well preserved and delicious chocolate body parts on your professors desk!

Attorneys, you can enjoy these too, trying dropping a couple of brains at an accident scene and watch the settlement dollars roll in!

Chocolate Heart
Chocolate Heart

Chocolate Brain
Chocolate Brain


Amazing body art

Pick a number...


Tom Thrasher

When you think about toys, do you think about design? If you are one of those, you may very well like the toys from Tom Thrasher Toys.

Via D-Sign.


History of the Batmobile

Batman first appeared in May of 1939 in Detective Comics #27, and although the first true Batmobile did not appear for another two years, it has become one of the Dark Knight's best known weapons.

I started collecting data on the Batmobiles a few years ago while trying to research a model project I was working on. I discovered that there were very few reference guides to the Batmobile, and none of them covered the complete history of the car.


Smack my bitch up

This Simpsons videoclip gives a whole new dimension to this great Prodigy song. Or the other way around. Via.