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Friday, July 08, 2005

Jennifer Aniston collapses on Break Up set

Actress Jennifer Aniston has collapsed on the set of her new movie The Break Up after complaining of nausea and severe headaches.

The former Friends star was officially diagnosed with heatstroke, after she fainted during filming in Chicago, Illinois.

But sources on set insist the star passed out because she was overcome with emotion, after it was revealed her former husband Brad Pitt had fuelled rumours he's dating Angelina Jolie, by accompanying her to Ethiopia, where she adopted an orphaned baby girl.


Thong Thief Nailed Again

The notorious Wisconsin thong thief is at it again, according to cops. Anthony Scholfield, 24, was arrested Wednesday and charged with once again breaking into a home and pilfering panties. As he did when first arrested in 2003, Scholfield allegedly targeted a residence near the University of Wisconsin campus in Menomonie. He apparently picked his female victim after delivering a pizza to her home on July 1, according to the below criminal complaint.


Drunk Dancer

Things not to do when you're drunk. Climb onto a bar in a dress too short and fall off of the damn thing.


Why You Can't Tickle Yourself

The human brain anticipates unimportant sensations, such as your own touch, so it can focus on important input like, say, a tarantula crawling up your neck.

The results might explain why it's hard to tickle yourself, scientists said today.

In the study, 30 people used a finger on their right hand to touch a finger on their left hand by tapping a device place directly over the left finger and could instantly relay the tap. The computer-controlled device could introduce delays of varying length before the left finger was tapped. Researchers used another button to introduce externally generated taps.......


Public flogging causes outrage

Two weeks ago Tebogo Malete was publicly flogged at a traditional court in Old Naledi, a village southeast of the Botswana's capital, Gaborone; a photograph of his punishment was published in the weekly newspaper, The Midweek Sun.

Malete, 27, a petty thief, had been sentenced to five lashes for housebreaking at the customary court presided over by the village headman. The humiliating newspaper photo showed him with his pants down and a police officer using a lash on his bare buttocks, sparking outrage in human rights circles.

In reaction, the government has issued a ban on the public flogging of convicted petty criminals by customary courts, but has refused to outlaw such punishment, attracting wide condemnation from human rights groups.


Flying Carpet

So, you like the fact that your inkjet can print iron-on transfers for t-shirts? Iranian artist Seyed Alavi has you topped in a big way. Alavi decided to create a 150-foot long carpet for a pedestiran walkway in the Sacramento Airport that would be imprinted with aerial imagery of the region — a modern take on the “flying carpet.”


Cursed cows

An Air France jet crashed into a stray cow as it landed in the southern Nigerian oil city of Port Harcourt on Wednesday, an airport official said, adding no-one was injured in the incident.

"The plane hit the cow on the runway. No-one was hurt, but the runway has been blocked," said the official, who asked not to be named.

The incident is only the latest in a series of freak accidents in Nigeria involving stray cows. Last month police in Lagos arrested a cow after it attacked and killed a bus driver who stopped to urinate by the side of the road.


Police Called To O.J. Simpson's Home

O.J. Simpson's private life has once again involved the police.

Simpson was at his suburban Miami home with girlfriend Christie Prody on the Fourth of July. He asked his neighbor Steve Dockendorf to come over and jump-start Prody's car.

Stories vary on what happened next, but Dockendorf called police and reported a fight. Police responded, but said no one was arrested and no charges will be filed.

Dockendorf said he called because Prody was beating him and Simpson.


Sheep in Mass Ewe-icide

A SHEEP leapt to its death from a cliff — and was followed by nearly 1,500 more in a bizarre “mass suicide”.

Stunned shepherds looked on helplessly as around 450 animals died after the 15 metre drop.

Those which jumped later were saved as they were cushioned by the rising pile of sheep at the bottom of the ravine.

Shepherds had left the flock to graze while they ate breakfast. Now they are set to lose around £60,000 from the deaths in the town of Gevas in eastern Turkey.

Nevzat Gayhan, a member of one of 26 families whose sheep were roaming free, said: “There’s nothing we can do. They are all wasted.”

Abdullah Hazar, another villager, said: “Every family had about 20 sheep. Now only a few have sheep left. It’s going to be hard for us.”


Man Lights Himself on Fire to Propose

GRANTS PASS, Ore. - To prove his love, a 38-year-old man set himself on fire before getting down on one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him.

About 100 people gathered to watch Todd Grannis perform the flaming stunt on Monday, which involved wearing a cape soaked in gasoline.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Win a date with Gene Simmons (Celebrity Double!)

Want to rock all night and party every day?

Want to be the life of your next party? Maybe you just want to show your friends who is really the kewlest cat!

Well now for a limited time, you wanted the BEST you got the BEST Gene Simmons celeberity double in the world. Our celebrity double is available for dates,birthday parties, bachelorette parties, work parties or just to impress your friends. Gene will travel anywhere in the continental United States (at your expense, not included in winning bid).


Suing NASA For $300 Million

Marina Bai has sued the U.S. space agency, claiming the Deep Impact probe that punched a crater into the comet Tempel 1 late Sunday "ruins the natural balance of forces in the universe," the newspaper Izvestia reported Tuesday. A Moscow court has postponed hearings on the case until late July, the paper said.

Scientists say the crash did not significantly alter the comet's orbit around the sun and said the experiment does not pose any danger to Earth.

The probe's comet crash sent up a cloud of debris that scientists hope to examine to learn how the solar system was formed.

Bai is seeking damages totaling $300 million — the approximate equivalent of the mission's cost — for her "moral sufferings," Izvestia said, citing her lawyer Alexander Molokhov. She earlier told the paper that the experiment would "deform her horoscope."

NASA representatives in Russia and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., could not be reached for comment on the case.


Steve Jobs Calls Family of iPod Victim

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs personally called the family of a 15-year-old New Yorker to offer his condolences after the teenager was killed last week during a fight over an iPod, according to a report published Wednesday.
The New York Times reported that Jobs and the victim's father, Errol Rose, spoke for a few minutes earlier this week after Jobs' assistant called the paper asking for Rose's telephone number.


The Prisoners Handbook

A prison psychology specialist (whatever that means) named Suzanne Baranik, suggested that I write a little "handbook" or guide for prisoners who are new to jail. After some thought, I got together with a few other "old-heads" (old prisoners). Between us we've got over 100 years in Pennsylvania hellholes. We know our shit!

We came up with this little list of suggestions for the tens of thousands of young men who are being railroaded into prison, Pennsylvania's fastest growing business.

If you have a husband, son or friend who's been thrown into prison in the past year or so, I suggest that you printout this handbook and send it to him.


Glass Bridge over the Grand Canyon

It is one of the great natural wonders of the world -- and it will soon to be joined by an engineering marvel.

A fantastic glass bridge arcing 60-feet out over the grand canyon -- giving visitors an unobstructed view 4000-feet straight down.

Sheri Yellowhawk, tribal executive says "That's gonna be a scary view. It's gonna be exciting. It's gonna be a once in a lifetime view. It may be scarey indeed having nothing more than sheets of glass separating you from eternity.

But the bridge has been engineered to withstand 100-mile per hour winds, magnitude 8 earthquakes -- and hold the weight of 71-jumbo jetliners.


Lil' Kim sentenced to one year in prison

Rapper Lil' Kim was sentenced on Wednesday to 12 months and a day in prison after admitting she was wrong to lie to a grand jury investigating two of her friends involved in a 2001 shooting outside a radio station.

She was also fined $50,000. The sentence was lenient compared to the 33 months that prosecutors sought in the high-profile case, which shed light on some of the complex rivalries in the hip-hop world.

Lil' Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, was convicted in March of conspiracy and perjury for lying to a grand jury. The three perjury counts and the conspiracy charge carried maximum sentences of five years each.


Fetching terrier killed when firecracker explodes in mouth

The hyperactive little Jack Russell terrier named Kaylee would chase anything thrown her way.

And to the horror of several adults and children at the Kolinoski family July 4 picnic, she did exactly that with a powerful firecracker thrown into her yard.

No charges, however, were expected to be filed in the death of the dog after the firecracker exploded in her mouth, authorities said Tuesday.


Sweden legalizes looking up ladies' skirts

Adding to its reputation as the most sexually liberal nation in the world, Sweden has just legalized looking up ladies' skirts!

In a nearly unanimous vote in the Swedish Parliament, the motion was carried 332 to 17. To celebrate the new law, the Parliament's second floor was replaced with a see-through glass floor, and women were invited to stand on the floor, wearing their loosest, widest skirts, with or without underwear. Men were invited to bring their cameras, stand on the floor below and look up.


Japanese Mountain

In the land of the rising sun they had a mountain. And the next minute the mountain was gone.


Celebrating The Female Figure

Welcome to Feminine Flowers!! This is an art site dedicated to a unique style of painting. Paint is slathered on with a paint brush and then I press onto the canvas. I think it's beautiful and should be shared, but you can't really do that safely if you know what I mean.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hooter Shooters

Hooter Shooters are a fully functional set of wearable breasts that dispense one of shot of alcohol out of each nipple.


A Great Stonehenge Mystery Solved

The inner circle of Britain's Stonehenge is made up of about 80 giant bluestones that weigh up to four tons each. This question has baffled historians for generations: From where did those bluestones comes?

A university professor is confident he knows the answer, which solves a longstanding mystery about Stonehenge, the prehistoric archaeological monument and one of the most identifiable landmarks in the world.


Origami House

Origami House exhibition opened on March 5th at the Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia. A culmination of many months of planning, hard work folding, fun and many late nights, the show opened quietly and has only begun to awe visitors to the gallery.


Things to do before the age of 10

Adults have long compiled lists of things to achieve before they die - but now youngsters are being encouraged to tick off their own "must do" list.

Making a mud pie and organising a teddy bears' picnic are two of the activities kids should apparently indulge in before their 10th birthday.


Athletes insured for Nessie swim

Triathlon competitors are to be insured for £1m in case they are injured by the Loch Ness monster.

Insurance company NIG is providing cover for more than 100 athletes taking part in the VisitScotland Adventure Triathlon on 23 July.

Competitors will have to swim two laps of Urquhart Bay, the scene of many "sightings" of Nessie. The insurer conceded it was an "unusual risk" which many insurance companies would not consider.


Ban to stop Australians risking crocs for a drink

Alcohol has been banned in two small Australian Aboriginal communities to stop young people from a nearby alcohol-free township from risking their lives by swimming a crocodile-infested river to get a drink.


London beats Paris to 2012 Games

The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, the International Olympic Committee has announced.

London won a two-way fight with Paris by 54 votes to 50 at the IOC meeting in Singapore, after bids from Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated.


Mariah Carey is afraid of her fans

R+b beauty Maria Carey is so terrified of catching something from her fans - she scrubs her hands with wet wipes every time she touches an admirer.

The Honey singer has offended her fans, by confessing she refuses to meet them unless she has a supply of moist tissues to cleanse herself after they have come into contact with her.


Teen girl sleepwalks to top of crane

A British teenage sleepwalker was rescued after being found fast asleep on the arm of a 40m crane in south-east London, police said.

Police were called to Underhill Road, Dulwich, in the early hours of Saturday, June 25, after a passer-by spotted the 15-year-old girl curled up on top of a concrete counterweight high above the ground.

The girl, who has not been named, had apparently managed to climb up the crane and walk across a narrow metal beam while fast asleep.

It is believed the girl walked unnoticed out of her home near a building site.


Office Exercises

There are many ways to get fit and lose weight but, as with all things, it is simply a lot harder for some people to achieve than others. The group most prejudiced by society and just bad luck are office workers - the people who spend most of the day sat at their desk - who also happen to have cable television and broadband internet and DVDs. Madame Physique, the mysterious and ethereal patron ghost of weight-loss, has rolled her magical dice made from tightened abdominal muscles and rippling pectorals and they've come to rest on Snake Eyes for those who find the evening lure of the television and the internet holds sway after a long day of sitting down coding, typing, or secretly playing Bejeweled. You'd like to exercise, honest you would, but there's just no time.

But now there is! Yes, you can exercise at work, at your desk, in the office, and get paid to do so! Now that's the sort of exercise that appeals!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Gift of Magnetic Vision

It’s hard to deny that Steve Haworth has been one of the most influential and innovative voices in body art over the past decade. In the field of implants as sculptural art he has singularly defined the art form, and with the assistance of Jesse Jarrell (iam:Mr. Bones) has continued to escalate it into increasingly refined forms. I heard a rumor recently that they’d been experimenting with magnetic implants, and I thought to myself, “cool party trick”, and checked out the pictures on Steve’s page.


The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Making Your Own Pizza

There are a few "secrets of the trade" in making your own pizza; once you know them, it is not hard to make your own and it takes very little time. In fact, after you make it a few times you'll wonder why I made such a big deal out of it.


Life Size Labyrinths

Maze graphics or online Mazes in virtual reality are cool, but nothing can equal the mystery and majesty of having your physical body surrounded by a life size Maze or Labyrinth in real reality. Here are some life size unicursal Labyrinths I've made in various media.


Hypnotic Orgasms

How much time from your latest orgasm at the TV, in front of million spectators? Have never you done it? Ok, this is very simple, you only have to put yourself in the hands of this hypnotist...


Small Change

So you don't want to keep your change in your wallet? You want it to be available at a sneeze? Keep your coins at a safe spot.


Your First Look Inside a Comet

After 172 days and 431 million kilometers (268 million miles) of deep space stalking, Deep Impact successfully reached out and touched comet Tempel 1.


Ravenstoke, Alaska

Ravenstoke, Alaska seems to be a town totally isolated from the rest of the world. There are only men left in the city and that's not good for the economy, let alone the male hormones. But they found a way to liven up the city. Spray the town.


He grabbed girl's arm -- now he's a sex offender

Fitzroy Barnaby said he had to swerve to avoid hitting the 14-year-old Des Plaines girl who walked in front of his car.

She said he yelled, "Come here, little girl," before getting out of his car and grabbing her by the arm. He said he simply lectured her. She said she broke free and ran, fearful of what he'd do next.

In a Thursday ruling, the Appellate Court of Illinois said the 28-year-old Evanston man must register as a sex offender.


Protection from horny customs officers

Women with silicone breast prostheses are advised to carry a doctor's letter with them if they want to escape inspection by American customs and security officials.

The Netcare travel clinics have issued a warning to women who have had a mastectomy and who use external silicone prostheses as they are targeted as a potential terrorist threat by American security officers.



They seem to be everywhere lately. From every major city to every small village: roundabouts. But did you know there's only one way to take a roundabout? That is the General Lee Way.

Via Loggerdanlog.


Thor gets hammered

Funny Flickr slideshow of Thor rolling a joint.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Water Powered Clock

The Future Is Available Today!

It's nice to see science and engineering play nice together to bring folks like you an attractive desktop clock that is powered solely on water (or really any electrolytic fluid like soda, coffee, or even Beer).

The water clock will display the time and date in clear easy to read numbers just moments after you fill the liquid reservoirs in the back with the liquid of your choice. You can even use the water reservoirs on the back to hold flowers!


Voices of Piglet, Tigger Die in Same Week

Paul Winchell and John Fiedler, two of the voices from the beloved children's cartoon 'Winnie the Pooh' have died within almost 24 hours of each other.

Paul Winchell, the english voice of Gargamel in the animated children's show The Smurfs and Tigger in Disney's Winnie the Pooh died on 23 June at age 82. Winchell also voiced several other characters including Boomer in Disney's The Fox and the Hound and several characters for Hanna-Barbera productions.

American actor John Fiedler passed away at the age of 80 on June 25th. Though he worked extensively on stage, film, television, and radio for over forty years, he is perhaps most remembered for two roles: the mild, fearful voice of Piglet in Disney's many Winnie the Pooh productions, and the role of Mr. Peterson, nervous patient on The Bob Newhart Show.


Marry your pet

So you've found your partner for life, only thing is - he's an animal. Not just that he leaves hair in the bath and has abominable table manners, but that really he's an animal, i.e. with feathers, scales or whatnot.

But forget his facial hair. So what if he has an overabundance of legs, or must hibernate each winter? All that matters is that you adore him.

So go on, if you really love him and you're in this for life, isn't it time you married your pet?


See no evil...?

three monkeys
Originally uploaded by Leo L30.


Oktoberfest tested, drinker approved

This is the real ring Gandalf was looking for. A simple band of stainless steel holds a secret – a secret which could topple regimes . . . of thirsty people. Slip the Ring Thing on your “social finger” (or #4, if you know our Binary Finger shirt) and you are ready to tackle any mob of the “unquenched.”

No more searching through your desk drawer for bottle openers. You will always have one when you wear your Ring Thing. And, the Ring Thing is comfortable to wear; this entire description was written while wearing a Ring Thing.


Own a piece of The World

The World will be 300 private man-made islands designed to resemble the world map. Rod Stewart has reportedly purchased the island representing Great Britain for over $30 million.


Definition Necklace

Dana originally made one of these for a friend, but then everyone wanted one just like it! Each pendant is printed on white and set in a closed-back sterling silver bezel. The pendant itself is 1 1/8" tall & 1 1/2" wide and hangs from a lightweight 16" silver chain. Ships in 1-2 weeks.


Waiter, there is perfume in my soup!

Argentina - A restaurant has invented a new type of cuisine by adding designer perfumes to their dishes.

Sifones and Dragones in Buenos Aires calls its cuisine Pop Food, according to reports in Las Ultimas Noticias newspaper.

The dishes include oysters with Anais Anais, Chanel No 5 ice cream and a chocolate mouse with raw ham and Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male. - Anonova


House of books

Can you imagine a house made out of books? A house in which even the table, the chairs and the bed seem to have been made of pages to turn and bound covers?


Pot-flavored candy takes a licking

ATLANTA - Marijuana-flavored lollipops with names such as Purple Haze, Acapulco Gold and Rasta are showing up on the shelves of convenience stores around the country, angering anti-drug advocates.

John Bazemore / AP File

Marijuana-flavored lollipops


French-Fry Holder

Cars now come with several cup holders, and this innovative accessory helps you make the most of them! French-Fry Holder holds one order of fries (and its cardboard container) close at hand! Even has a clip-on ketchup cup! Can also hold snacks or crayons.