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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Monkey fights tiger video

This has got to be the BRAVEST monkey I've seen in a long time. Click here for the video.


Praying Mantis Catches and Eats a Bird (picture)

I had to see it to believe it... yikes! I didn't know praying mantis can eat small birds...

Click on the picture for the whole article


Friday, August 26, 2005

Custom-made rollercoaster!

You know you hate it when you have to get in line for at least half an hour to go on that coaster ride you had set your mind on for years. There's only one way to make sure you don't have to get in line and that is to build your personal rollercoaster. And that is exactly what Jeremy Reid thought too. He built one in the backyard of his parents.

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Passport control -- strict security policy

People are going crazy on airports. You can't do anything without some security guard tapping you on the shoulder. And they are mostly men above 50 years old with dark glasses and big grey moustache. Rarely you see an attractive blonde guardig the airports. Maybe that is on purpose....

Anyway: is this the way things are handled out the passport control on airports these days?

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Dolce & Gabbana launch pubic pants

The latest Dolce & Gabbana advert has caused a stir in the US, featuring jeans that give new meaning to low-slung.

The men's autumn fashion line is being promoted with jeans that plunge so low they have been dubbed "pubic pants".

The daring ad makes its debut in the September issue of Esquire magazine and has drawn a mixed response.

Several comparisons have been made with the headline-grabbing Calvin Klein ads featuring Brooke Shields and Kate Moss in the 1980s.

Okay, when we like women to wear clothes like that it's nothing but fair when women want men to dress like that as well. But you won't see me in that kind of trousers.


"Most Haunted" scared off home buyers

Television programmes such as Most Haunted have spooked potential homebuyers so much that half of them now believe in ghosts and say they would not buy a house if they thought that they were sharing it with a spirit.

A recent poll commissioned by Lloyds TSB also found that a fifth of the 2,000 homebuyers sampled would only contemplate buying a house in which things went bump in the night if an exorcism or "new-age cleansing" took place.

Even knowing that a person had died of natural causes in a house put off 39 per cent of buyers, while a cemetery next door would make 47 per cent think twice.

How about you? Would you consider buying such a house?


Thief swallowed loot

A man mistaken for one of James Bulger's killers is at the center of a stolen ring mystery after swallowing loot from a jewellery raid.

Dylan Roach, 24, and his family were targeted by vigilantes in 2003 when fellow inmates at Walton jail mistakenly believed he was Jon Venables.

Roach, originally from Kirkdale and now living in Birkenhead, has been back in court fighting a 12-month sentence for theft.


Bonnie and Clyde bed and breakfast

Neighbors aren't welcoming a minister's plans to convert a garage apartment that was the site of an infamous Bonnie and Clyde shootout into a bed-and-breakfast.

"When I think of a bed-and-breakfast, I think of charm, antiques and history - not murder," says Peggy Webb, who is among the opponents.

In his application for a special-use permit, the Rev. Phillip McClendon said he wants to buy the property from its current owner.

The 1933 shootout happened in the middle of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow's bank-robbing spree across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana and New Mexico. Authorities in Louisiana ambushed and killed Bonnie and Clyde in May 1934.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sex ban lifted

Thousands of Swazi girls Tuesday celebrated the end of a ban on sexual activity that had been imposed as a way to combat AIDS in one of the countries hit hardest by the epidemic.

King Mswati III, Africa's last absolute monarch, had reinstated the "umchwasho" chastity ritual for five years in 2001, banning sexual relations for girls younger than 18. But the move was ridiculed as old-fashioned and unfairly focused on girls - and the king himself was accused of ignoring it.

As part of the end of ban, the girls in private burned the tasseled scarves that symbolized their chastity. About 30,000 girls then later joined the king in a two-hour ceremony in Swaziland's national stadium.


The next rockstar --- Frankenstein

Spin magazine has built a veritable rock star Frankenstein, composed of Michael Stipe's skull, Elvis Presley's pelvis and Madonna's bellybutton.

Spin charts the 25 "most incredible" rock star body parts in its September issue, now on newsstands. Madonna's navel tops the list.

At No. 2 is the liver of Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, which is so durable, Spitz writes, that "when Richards finally passes, they'll line the exterior of the space shuttle with his liver tissue."

Other body parts include Presley's hip-shaking pelvis, Gene Simmons' tongue, Tina Turner's legs, 50 Cent's chest, Bruce Springsteen's butt and Tommy Lee's - well, you know, it's that body part below the waist.

What body part would you like to see added?


Answer long distance realtionship problems --- Embrace

Embrace is a concept bracelet that enables the user to be seamlessly connected to their significant other over periods of separation.

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It consists of five nodes:
- an LCD screen displaying images sent via Bluetooth.
- the battery.
- the technical components that fuel this device.
- a camera lens that constantly records images until the user specifically shoots an image by gently grasping each side of the lens node, which uses "touch sensitive" technology.
- a scent palette that emits one of five odors chosen by the owner of the device indicating an incoming image from their significant other. For exemple, when you receive the scent of pina-coloda, others may be able to smell it as well, but only you will really know why it smells like pina-coloda


Parent's guide to smacking...

The principal of a small christian school in Auckland doesn't believe there's anything wrong with sending smacking guidelines to parents.

Carey College gave guidelines to parents outlining how to smack their children on the buttocks with their hand or a rod in what it calls an expression of love - responsible parenting in the child's best interests.

The pamphlet was sent out after steps were taken in parliament last month to ban smacking in New Zealand.


Pamela Anderson tackled!

Sacha Baron Cohen was dunked in the sea by Pamela Anderson's bodyguards - after rugby-tackling the actress at her dogs' wedding.

The Ali G star was dressed as his other creation, cringe-inducing Kazakhstani TV journalist Borat, when he pulled the stunt. Cohen, 33, in trunks, leather jacket and Village People-style cap, emerged from the surf on an inflatable turtle.

His rugby tackle sent Pammie, 38, hurtling to the sand on the beach at Malibu, California. Concerned security men grabbed the comedian and dragged him into the sea.

If Ali G. was there, there must have been cameras shooting the stuff. So when are the photos online?

Update 9.45 AM:
All hail the comments section! Thanks to Monkeys for Helping we now have more information on the incident and of course pictures:

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Real life wicked stepmother!

A 24-year-old South Carolina State student was arrested Thursday and charged with unlawful conduct towards a child.

An arrest warrant states Miama Rebecca Kromah cut the scrotum of her three-year-old stepson with a sharp object.

Lt. Chris Cowan with the Richland County Sheriff's Department says it's one of the most horrific cases of child abuse investigators say they've seen in a while, "The child's scrotum had been cut open and the testicles had been pulled out.

Is there anything that can be said in her defense? Of course not!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The disgruntled human quiz...

Contrary to popular belief, disgruntled does not necesarily mean anger and hatred. A Disgruntled Human is nothing more that someone who gets irritated with the day to day stupidity that goes on in the world around them. Anyone living in the world today that stops and takes a look around will realize that there is plenty to be disgruntled about.


Tom Sizemore sex tapes --- sold!

A sex tape featuring Saving Private Ryan star Tom Sizemore with several different women has been put up for sale on the internet.

The footage is being sold by xPays, the company that made the notorious Paris Hilton sex tape available online.
Sizemore, who is currently in rehab, is not ashamed of the tapes but feels he has a right to some of the proceeds.

"He's not embarrassed," his manager Jason Tucker told the New York Daily News. "Tom said, 'it's the maraschino cherry on the banana split that's been my life'."

The 43-year-old US actor suffers from priapism, a rare condition that leaves him in a constant state of arousal.

So now you have read all this, you may want to see the Tom Sizemore sextape. Or at least previews, because you do not want to spend money....


Naked woman stopped thief

Police searched cornfields and brush areas in Mokuleia Monday morning after a man stole a car that was parked along Farrington Highway.

A woman, who was naked, jumped onto the hood of the car, trying to stop the thief, a man who was camping nearby, witnesses said.

"This girl was crying frantically, just screaming. She was yelling and my wife was all 'She's on the hood.' And, 'He's going to steal the car,'" camper Derrick Albiar said.

"Then he started to take off with her on the hood naked. Yeah, she had no clothes on," Albiar said.


Jordan's jugs upstage Daisy Dukes

Busty model Jordan upstaged Dukes Of Hazzard star Jessica Simpson at the movie's UK premiere last night.

The glamour girl flashed the flesh in a pair of miniscule sequinned pants and revealing black top, while the movie beauty left her Daisy Duke hot pants at home in favour of a gorgeous gold Behnaz Sarafpour gown.

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Her rival Jodie Marsh also flaunted her figure in a revealing bra-top, as seen by clicking our slideshow below.

However singer-turned actress Jessica, 25, gave reasons for her modest outfit. "I can’t walk the red carpet in Daisy Dukes," she said.


Sexy advertising --- does it work for you?

Everybody knows that sex sells. Therefore it's not a big surprise that sexuality is used a lot in advertising. Maybe you know the company Suit Supply. Maybe not, but that doesn't really matter. They just like to try everything to get you into a suit. Does it work for you?


Lust list --- for the ladies

Mmmm, men – where would we be without them? Whereas real men can be a bit smelly and wear dodgy clothes, in the land of celebrity all men are hunks. In fact admission to celebrity land depends on good bone structure, a six pack and a pert behind.

The only trouble with famous fit blokes is where to start? Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, Attu, David Beckham – oh, there’s just so many! So being the unselfish, caring types we are at Yahoo!, we’ve trawled the web and – sigh! – stared at hundreds of pictures of gorgeous celebrities for the sole purpose of picking the most desirable just for you.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Summer party at Ibiza

It's one of the Balearic islands. And it's probably the loudest and the drunkenest of them all. It seems to be the party capital of the world during the summer. Last week we had part one and here's the sequel: Ibiza Partytime - Part II.

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The latest fashion in Bangkok

Did you think the Japanese were weird? Check out this fashion show from Bangkok.

Bangkok fashion show.


Jennifer Aniston's secured undies

Actress Jennifer Aniston has reportedly hired a team of security guards to fight off her underwear thief, who has been stealing her intimate apparel and selling them on eBay.

The 36-year-old actress filming, "The Break Up" in Chicago with heartthrob Vince Vaughn, 35, was furious after finding someone had broken in and made off with her bras and pants, and was horrified when her frilly smalls appeared on the internet auction site, eBay.


Who's the next Mongolian Cow Sour Yoghurt Supergirl?

Chinese TV viewers in record numbers will tune in to watch the painful birth of China's newest singing star. The contest has come down to three finalists from the 120,000 hopefuls who auditioned for this year's Mongolian Cow Sour Yoghurt Supergirl Contest, with an estimated viewing audience to date of 400 million.

The more popular it gets, the more suspiciously it is viewed by the Chinese broadcasting establishment. An official of the top broadcasting regulator warned this week that the show might be taken off air if it doesn't quickly correct its "worldliness".


Robbie Williams: I just like taking my pants down

Robbie Williams, who reportedly enjoys his nudity, stripped off again, this time in a posh restaurant at London, leaving his friends sitting there stunned at the un-
expected scene.

"I guess when it comes down to it, I just like taking my pants down!" he said.

Though Robbie's striptease took place at Holland Park eatery 'Julie's', other diners could not see, as it happened inside a curtained-off booth of the restaurant.


Man poisoned to slow down sex drive

The man allegedly poisoned by his fiance to slow down his sex drive says he feels sorry for her - but still believes there's nothing unreasonable about wanting sex twice a day.

Last week, Malaysian woman Mee Kwan Ng appeared in the Auckland District Court charged with poisoning with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to her former partner, nurseryman Martin Walker, 53.

It had been alleged Mr Walker wanted sex up to 35 times a week so his fiance spiked his drinks to "slow him down". The case was thrown out because of a lack of evidence.


Monday, August 22, 2005

cheap dildo

Not sure if this is good or bad, but the ability to insert a soda bottle that large is interesting to watch nonetheless.

Soda Cooter


Jose Canseco's wife Playboy's new playmate


A while back American baseball player Jose Canseco's wife, Jessica, made quite a stir when she appeared in public with him. Mostly because of her humongous tits.

She's appearing in next months Playboy. You won't be able to see it until Aug. 25th, though.

I'll have the pics up on sxxxy.org as soon as they're available.


Police mistook baby's ashes for cocaine

A man calls a Mount Dora police search illegal, saying the officer mistook his daughter's remains for cocaine


Real life "Ken" doll

Steve Erhardt is a man in search of perfection. A virtual human "Ken" doll, the celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist has undergone approximately 30 cosmetic surgeries and subsequent maintenance and has spent close to $250,000 out of his own pocket to achieve his current look.


83 year old woman tatooed by bees

An 83-year-old woman in Tucson Arizona is recovering after being stung 400 times by bees.

Fire officials said the woman, whose name was not released, was attacked yesterday by bees coming from the wall of a storage building outside her home.

A handyman ran to help her and sprayed her with water from a hose until the bees turned on him. He ran and called 911.

If they had ink, she would now have a wonderful tattoo...


Kelsey Grammer: I see dead people

Kelsey Grammer speaks to the dead, including a 2,000 year old ghost called Alex who teaches him about good and evil.

The Frasier star has lost a number of family members to tragic and violent deaths, something he claims has strengthened his belief in an afterlife.

His father was murdered by a gunman when he was 13, his sister was just 18 when she was robbed, raped and stabbed to death eight years later - and five years after that, his two half brothers were eaten by sharks.