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Friday, September 16, 2005

Pink fanatic

Ask girls what their favorite color is and a lot of them will answer that it is pink. Once they grow up, the majority of them will swap to a different color. Not all of them though. This is Real Pink.


Chinese's beauty secrets -- cosmetics made from corpses

A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe, an investigation by the Guardian has discovered.

Agents for the firm have told would-be customers it is developing collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from skin taken from prisoners after they have been shot. The agents say some of the company's products have been exported to the UK, and that the use of skin from condemned convicts is "traditional" and nothing to "make such a big fuss about".


Britney a MILF!

Photographers are waiting outside a hospital in Los Angeles after reports that singer Britney Spears has given birth to a baby boy.

The pop star, 23, gave birth by Caesarean section on Wednesday, US Weekly magazine said.

Spears and husband Kevin Federline are said to have been taken to the UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, under police escort, early on Wednesday. But the birth is yet to be confirmed by her representatives.

The US Weekly report said that Spears gave birth at about 1300 local time (1800 BST) on Wednesday.


What people do during lunch breaks

What is the best thing you can do during your lunch break? Find some place to have open air sex or climb to a high area and take pictures of people going at it?


Trapped in a school bus

Western Australia's education authority has ordered an inquiry into why three young children were locked in a school bus for six hours after the driver forgot to drop them off at kindergarten.

Officials from the WA department of education and the Public Transport Authority (PTA), who contracted the driver, were in the Great Southern town of Darkan on Monday to meet the parents of the three children, aged four, and the school's principal.

Both authorities said the incident, which happened last Thursday, was very worrying and could have ended in tragedy if conditions in the town, 200km south of Perth, had been hotter.

A spokesman for the PTA said the female driver was supposed to deliver the children to the Darkan kindergarten, after having dropped off some older students to the local high school, which is located on the same campus.

Instead, she drove past the kindergarten and on to her house, where she parked the vehicle and locked it while the children were still inside.


The World's Most Expensive Hot Dog

The world's most expensive hot dog will go on sale in Stockholm as part of a United Nations-sponsored event aimed at highlighting the problem of poverty as world leaders gather at the UN summit in New York.

Hot dogs and veggie dogs will be sold in downtown Stockholm for 999 Swedish kronor ($170) a piece, said Klas Waldenstroem, a spokesman for the United Nations Development Programme's Nordic office.

"The goal is to highlight world poverty during the UN summit in New York by using a simple metaphor - the customary Swedish 'korv' (hot dog) - to show people here what it would be like to live life without having enough money for even the most basic things," he said.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kids locked in cages for protection -- do they bite?

Nine children were found locked in cages in their home in Wakeman in Huron County, NewsChannel5 reported.

The sheriff said the kids, ages 1 to 14, were found in the cages with no blankets or pillows on Friday. The wooden cages, estimated to be about 3 feet by 3 feet, were built into the walls. Officials are not releasing the photos of the cages, but the sheriff described them as makeshift cellblocks.

The parents, Sharon and Mike Gravelle, didn't seem to think anything was wrong with their treatment, officials said. Officials said all the children were adopted children. The Gravelles have not been arrested. They had 11 children in all.

The Gravelles said they put them in cages to protect themselves from each other because they are disabled, NewsChannel5 reported.

According to officials, the cages had alarms that would go off if the children tried to escape.


Oops, he did it again!

Chapel Hill police cited the same UNC-Chapel Hill student twice in connection with using a town parking lot as a port-a-john over the weekend.

Police say they found Spencer Michael Killette urinating Friday night in the town parking deck at 150 E. Rosemary St. That was at 11:50 p.m.

Twenty-eight minutes later, Killette was at it again, according to arrest warrants.

"After being cited and released for urinating in public, Mr. Killette walked approximately 50 feet and urinated inside the town parking deck again," according to the second arrest warrant.


Police hook ups!

Meet April D. Grover, Kelly C. Cooke, Elizabeth Goodhue, Fate A. Glenn, Lori Ann Jones, Melissa A. Snead, Mildred Laubenstein, Janice Gibson, Jane Doe, Lissette Pagan and Lisa Martino. But you probably don't want to. It is hard to believe that these women could make any money in prostitution. I think they didn't earn themselves a living. Why else would they even hook up with police officers?

Thanks Kirk


Christina got a new pierce -- find where!

While rival is getting bigger and bigger (well, that's what naturally happens when you're pregnant, so no jokes needed), Chritina Aguilera is showing off other parts of her body...and the things attached to it.


Annoy the students to donating drive

Schools across the country are pitching in to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

While there are lemonade stands and bake sales from Connecticut to California, some schools are finding more creative vehicles.

Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown, Pa., has a fun fundraising program called "Stop the Bop."

Suggested by a few members of the student council, the school is playing Hanson's 1996 hit "MMMBop" through the loudspeakers before classes begin, between periods and during lunch. The idea? Annoy students into donating; have them pay to stop the music.


Soda spiked with urine!

An investigation was launched Tuesday after a Central Florida man drank soda contaminated with urine, according to a Local 6 News report.

Public officials confirmed to Local 6 News that an employee urinated in a Mountain Dew bottle and put it on the store shelves at the Publix-owned Pix convenience store located off Howland in Deland, Fla.

After the soda was put on the shelves, a man, who was not identified, bought the bottle and drank half of it before he realized that it was contaminated, Local 6 News reported. Another store employee allegedly saw the incident and reported it to the police.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Airport striptease

A SENIOR member of a French association for accident victims said Friday he would sue a German airport for stripping him in public when a security device reacted to a metal plate in his body.

"Wednesday I was going through the metal detector gate to take the plane and the alarm went off," said Rene Auguy, 59, from Saran in central France, recounting the incident at Cologne airport in western Germany.
"I was expecting it because I have a prosthesis, a metal plate as big as your hand at the top of my pelvis. I show a paper in French and English which explains the problem," he said.

"And then the security official pulls up my shirt and pulls my trousers down to the middle of my thighs. I find myself in my underpants in front of 300 people.

"The man runs his detector over me, and it gives the alarm. He takes me pretty violently to a booth about seven metres from the gate. I was going to take off my prosthesis when the man suddenly pulls down my underpants in front of everyone, the curtains were not closed," he said.


Honesty is the best policy...

My mom always told me that honesty will be rewarded. But I do hope that Gandalf will get a whole case of cold beer.


Take 5!

It's all about the number 5. Centrocampista made me one of the 5 people he sent this list to. I just have to answer 5 questions with 5 answers and forward it to 5 more people. So here we go with my 5 by 5:

5 Things that really irritate you
Other people on the road
Being too drunk when the bars are still open
Sites on the internet being blocked at the firewall
That part of the month where I run out of money
People who can't live with the fact that other people have an opinion too

5 Things you like a lot
Girls not too shy to flaunt what they've got
Buying that one cd you have been looking for for years
Air Guitar Championships
Pedal to the metal
Spending time at the beach with an ice cold beer in my hand

5 Music Albums
Kiss - Alive II
Ritchie Sambora - Undiscovered Soul
Therapy? - Troublegum
Anthrax - State of Euphoria
Jeff Healey - See the Light (which he obviously can't...)

5 Songs
Bon Jovi - Hey God
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Elvis Crespo - Suavemente
Kiss - Detroit Rock City
Bløf - Blauwe Ruis

5 Musics in your IPod
I do not have an iPod. I have no use for that. I have a car with a very good stereo inside....

These were 5 of mine and I will choose 5 people to give their 5 and pass it on to 5 more....
Here you go: Bacon and Eh's, Gorillamask, Rick de Kikker, Caliban and Mookie....


Anti-Rape condom

A South African inventor unveiled a new anti-rape female condom on Wednesday that hooks onto an attackers penis and aims to cut one of the highest rates of sexual assault in the world.
The device, made of latex and held firm by shafts of sharp barbs, can only be removed from the man through surgery which will alert hospital staff, and ultimately, the police, she said.


The Muddy Buddy

Some came to mountain bike in their underwear and others were motivated by the promise of free beer. But it was the prospect of getting really dirty that brought Chris Phillips to town for an offbeat, obstacle-filled running and biking race.

"One thing was on my mind the whole time: the mud pit," Phillips said after finishing the final obstacle of the Muddy Buddy race. "Plus, it was hot, and I was ready for a little cool down."

The Muddy Buddy, a six-mile duathlon that ends with an Army-style crawl through a 50-foot-long mud pit, attracted more than 1,600 racers recently to the Boulder Reservoir. Two-member teams traded off between trail running and mountain biking, with each leg divided by a giant air-filled wall, monkey bars or some other kind of obstacle.


You got mail -- 51 years late!

A saucy postcard finally arrived at its destination - 51 years after it was sent. Steve Hacker was stunned when the traditional seaside greeting popped through his letterbox on Saturday.

He did not recognise the stamp and called the postman back, asking if he'd made a mistake. Steve said: "I told him it had a 2d stamp and the Queen looked about 30. Then I saw the postmark and saw it was posted in 1954. I couldn't believe it.

"The postcard was in pristine condition, as if it had been kept in a plastic wrapper."

Steve was even more shocked by the caption on the front of the card which was coarse even by today's standards. It had a picture of a woman trying to get on a bus with a dachshund.

The conductor says: "No dogs on the bus, lady." She replies: "You know what you can do with your old bus?" He retorts: "Yes and if you can do it with your dog you can come on the bus."


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Beavis and Baghead

Albert and Christine have been curious about faces, masks and self-portraits since 1959. Forty years later they began this photographic dialogue exploring metacyber public nudity, the mask as a self portrait, power of modesty, looking, being seen, and the erotic gaze. Taking advantage of the internet as a medium for collaboration and participation by people all over the world, they invite you to join them in this photographic dialogue.

Put a bag over her head, and...
Warning: they are not all pretty!


Too much money for a woman!

An Edgerton woman who claims her boss told her she "made too much money for a woman" has filed a discrimination lawsuit.

Ruth Schomber is suing Wisconsin Community Bank in federal court.

Schomber said that when she asked her boss, Tom Wilkinson, about a raise and a bonus in January 2004, he turned her down, saying she made "too much money for a woman."

Court records say Schomber's male counterpart at the bank's Monroe branch had gotten a raise and bonus in 2004, as had all of the bank's male managers.


The next "World's Weakest Man"

Capitalizing on the strength of its popular strongmen competitions, ESPN will kick off its latest cable venture, ESPN 3, with a new high-octane competition show featuring some of the weakest men in the known world battling through a gauntlet of sweat-free, aerobic-free, quasi-athletic tasks. Producers of the show hope to reel in viewers with the series' unique focus on the regular guy and his pathetic lack of physical strength, stamina and courage.

"World's Weakest Man" kicks off this November with the U.S. qualifying rounds held in Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field.


Why girls think peeing is fun...

DBasixx is back with a follow up to one of his most popular items. Peeing is fun and it shows why girls always go to the bathroom together. They rarely go there alone, not even when they have to do it outside.


Tara's shoes checks in!

It would seem notorious Hollywood party girl Tara Reid has a little Imelda Marcos in her.

That's why she needs special accommodations as she jets around the world for her E!TV travel series, "Taradise." The London Telegraph reports that this summer, as the actress was checking into that city's Hotel Baglioni, she requested a separate room just for her shoes, in addition to her regal $3,700-a-night suite.

Globe-trotting can be a dangerous business, no matter how well-shod one is. This week, Reid had her purse snatched while waiting for her luggage at the airport on the Spanish island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean.


Tranny jailed for showering in women's bathroom!

A transgendered Hurricane Katrina evacuee jailed for five days after showering in the women's bathroom at a local shelter was released Friday after the county attorney declined to press charges.

Arpollo Vicks, who was born male but lives as a woman, was arrested Sunday by Texas A&M University Police for criminal trespassing after she exited a women's shower facility at Reed Arena. Vicks, 20, had been staying at the shelter with other evacuees bused in from New Orleans.

Brazos County Attorney Jim Kuboviak said he first became aware of the situation Friday. Upon reviewing police reports, he ordered that Vicks be released.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Too fast, too blind!

A South African became the world's fastest blind driver after driving across a remote airstrip at 269 kilometres per hour.

Blind since birth, 33-year-old Hein Wagner of Cape Town had a sighted navigator for his record attempt.

After crossing the airfield, he told reporters he wanted to do it again but was considering piloting an aircraft for his next record attempt.

"I'm very happy," Mr Wagner said, whose drive in a borrowed Maserati V8 GranSport was monitored by motoring organisation Motorsport SA and filmed for the Guinness Book of World Records.


Tomato fest

There exist several interpretations on the origin of the popular La Tomatina festival. According to some historians, its origin goes back to a "practical joke" that some friends wanted to play on a man who was crossing the town square singing and playing a musical instrument but, apparently, he was doing it so badly that some of the people around decided to take some tomatoes from a fruit and vegetables stall and throw them at him. Everybody else joined in to end up in a tomato battle.

This year the event was on August 31 and you can see what it was like in this La Tomatina 2005 gallery.


E-mail cat fight

Two secretaries at one of Sydney's top law firms have been sacked after a catty email exchange that was circulated around the city's legal and financial district.

Allens Arthur Robinson has been rocked by the cyber brawl, which began over a missing ham sandwich and ended with one woman taunting the other for being unable to hold on to a boyfriend.
In a warning to everyone who uses email at work, Allens confirmed that Katrina Nugent and Melinda Bird had been sacked and other high-flyers were facing disciplinary action.

The trouble began last Thursday morning, when Ms Nugent sent a group email to colleagues in the firm's Sydney head office asking if anyone had stolen her lunch.


Dead in a cemetery!

An inebriated Belgian woman died in a freak accident when she ended up beneath a heavy grave stone at a cemetery, local news agency Belga said on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old Peggy Vereycken was on her way home from a bar in the Belgian town of Pulle in the early hours of Saturday when she took a short cut through the cemetery.

But she urgently needed to relieve herself and crouched down between two gravestones. As she lost her balance, she grabbed one of the stones which gave way and landed on top of her.


Superman lacks power in trouser department

It's official: Superman may be able to leap a tall building with a single bound but he's completely lacking super powers in the trouser department.

That, at least, is according to those charged with costuming Brandon Routh who will play the Man of Steel in next year's Superman Returns. According to MSNBC, costume designer Louise Mingenbach says that of all the internet speculation surrounding Superman's costume, the vast majority focused on his trunks.

Explained the deliciously-surnamed Mingenbach: "There was more discussion about Superman's 'package' than anything else on the suit. Was it too big? Was it not big enough? Was it too pointy? Too round? It was somebody's job for about a month just working on codpiece shapes. It was crazy."


The Mardi Gras alternative

For years, one of Louisiana’s largest claims to fame has been Mardi Gras, and, more specifically, the bare chests of nubile young women that are associated with it. The institution of drunken girls baring their breasts has been one that we’ve almost begun to take for granted. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look very unlikely that Mardi Gras will take place this February, so, in order to take up the slack, we’ve decided to create this site, as a repository for women (and men, can’t leave the ladies unsatisfied!) who wish to contribute to the cause, and send in pictures of themselves topless!

Now, in order to help those directly affected by the hurricane, we’ll also be encouraging people to donate financially to suitable charities. “How do you plan on doing that?” you might ask (I’m so glad that you did). Well, here’s how it’s going to work; we’re going to keep all of the submitted photos in a gallery right here on this site. This gallery, however, WILL be password-protected. In order to get a working username and password, you’ll need to donate at least $5 to one of the charities linked in the right-hand column, then forward us your confirmation email, so that we can make you an account! It’s just that simple!

Thanks Shades747