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Friday, October 07, 2005

Nicky and Jessica calls it quits!

It is certainly not the first time rumors are going on about Jessica Simpson wanting a divorce, but maybe this time it is the real thing.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are waiting to make an official announcement later in the month that they call it quits (at the appropriate career opportunity, we’re sure), but according to Us Weekly’s scoop — kept so under wraps that employees were not allowed to receive their advance issues yesterday, presumably for fear that People might rape and pillage the story — the marriage has been dead for some time. Well, duh.


Booze up Superman!

After a long day of crime fighting and foiling dumb bank robbers, Superman hits the bar for a few drinks. UB has a few questions about this classic scene from Superman III. First off if you're the bartender do you charge Superman? He's sitting there with the bottle, pouring his own shots...Does Superman even carry money? Second, what's with the other drunks in the bar. How long have they been there? Are they so drunk they don't notice, or care that Superman is getting hammered a few stools away? And how many drinks does it take for Superman to get drunk? Does he have Super-tolerance?


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Vision problem?


Mama's boy!

A man in southern India preserved the corpse of his mother at home for 20 years until his death last week.
Syed Abdul Gafoor, a professor, had the body of his mother, Rahmat Bi, embalmed on her death in their home in the state of Andhra Pradesh in 1985.

He then kept the body in the family home in Kadappa district, until his death after a long illness on Saturday.

Neighbours say Mr Gafoor, was intensely attached to his mother, refusing to bury her according to Muslim customs.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's a bird, it's a plane -- it's upside down!

For a better view of these skydivers you should turn your screen upside down.


Learn to keep out of the way!

A clown in the operating room may relax anxious children who are about to undergo surgery but the entertainer has to learn to keep out of the way, Italian researchers said.

A study of 40 children between four months and three years old who were accompanied by at least one parent prior to minor surgery found having a clown present significantly reduced anxiety levels for both child and parent.

Three out of five children suffer anxiety before surgery, according to the report published in the journal Pediatrics.

Clowns succeeded in distracting the children until the administration of anaesthesia but apparently annoyed doctors and nurses.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Orleans, ready to party!

This is an AP photo of a bar in New Orleans looking for patrons. Kirk was in New Orleans in August before Katrina hit and they got their picture taken with this same sign. Here's before and after pictures....


Miss Spring contest at Santa Monica Women's Prison

An international line of elegantly dressed contestants jailed for drug trafficking strutted into the night before an audience of Peruvian dignitaries.

Onuma Chumsri, a 24-year-old Thai woman awaiting sentence for drug trafficking, was the winner Thursday night of the annual Miss Spring contest at Santa Monica Women's Prison in Lima's Chorrillos district.

"Sex appeal is important but it is not as if we are seeking just the physical aspect but rather the value as a woman, the value of the person is the essence of all of this," said Maria Jaen, director of the prison.

And now they all want to hit the showers with her?


Monday, October 03, 2005

Santa's reindeer died!

The Danish Air Force said Thursday it paid 31,175 kroner ($5,032) in compensation to a part-time Santa Claus whose reindeer died of heart failure when two fighter jets roared over his farm.

The animal, named Rudolf, was grazing peacefully at the central Denmark farm of Olavi Nikkanoff, when the screaming F-16 jets passed overhead at low altitude in February.

The reindeer collapsed and died, leaving Nikkanoff with the prospect of only one animal pulling his sleigh next Christmas.

He complained to the air force, which agreed to compensate him for the cost of the reindeer and veterinary expenses.


Pamela's breakup make-over, cut hair and take out boobs!

Good old Pamela Anderson, she's got a new take on the makeover thing that happens when you split up with someone.

Some people lose weight, some people change their hair, some people have a wardrobe overhaul... but Pammy? Well, she gets her fake boobs removed.

Explaining why she got her breast implants taken out a few years back, the former Baywatch babe said:

"I got divorced so I did what every girl does: I cut my hair and took out my boobs.

"Well, maybe not everyone does the boobs part, but I was just like, I'll show him!" (Him being Tommy Lee.)

However, just in case you were wondering whether her current boobs were in fact all real, rest easy... she did have them replaced again.

By the way: here are the replaced ones.